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I am trying to get a jump on all the Christmas shopping by doing it early. I guess it's not too early cause it's already November. So far I've got most of the kid's presents. I just need some stocking stuffers. My family will receive homemade gifts of some sort. I'm still debating whether I have enough time and the skill to knock off a couple of scarfs or mitts. They are simple enough to do but I'd have to relearn the skill and that may not result in quality good enough to give as gifts.
I've got some jam I made and I think some cookies would work too. My husband makes a yummy almond rocca type candy so he'll make that. We have a pizzeli iron so we'll make some of those to give away too.
I just wish I could think of something to give my parents. Parents always have everything they need and if they are of a certain age (late 60's early 70's) they don't need anymore stuff. So the trick is to make them something they can consume in some way. They do still have company over lots so any baking or food is always good.
I'm going to get a toilet for my husband if I can afford it. I've threatened him with that for a gift for long enough and now I'm gonna do it. I'm sick of having to plunge our toilet. That plus the horrible pepto bismol pink color is enough. It must go!
I may also buy him a new door knob for the front door. Ours works okay but it's all scratched and is a shiny gold color. Not attractive at all. I'd love to get a latch type handle instead of a knob in a brushed silver. Plus then we can have enough spare keys cut for everyone and a couple of extras. The key that I have for the front door right now is a copy and a cheap one that is starting to crack in the middle. Not good if it breaks off in the lock.
Normally I buy wonderful presents for my husband, ones he would never ask for but I know he'd like. Things that put him to shame for his poor gift giving skills. Today he asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told him something I don't have to ask for. If I give him some ideas he'll just go out and buy what I tell him to. Not much thought goes into doing that and what's the point of that?
For me gift giving is about thinking of the person you are getting the gift for. You have to get to know them well enough to be able to know what they would like. If after 20 years of marriage and 5 years of dating my husband can't think of a gift I'd like without me having to tell him then I'm not married to the right person. And I told him as much too.
"Get off your duff man!" I said. "If you can't figure out what I like by now then you'd better start soon" I said or something like that.
It always amazes me how men can't seem to buy gifts for people. They can't for one moment put themselves in another person's shoes. Or maybe they are just so selfish and self absorbed they can't see past the end of their noses? Either way he'd better bring home something great. I've been waiting a long time for a great gift. I never got an engagement ring and this spring we'll have been married 20 years. It's not like he couldn't have saved up over the years to get me one. It's not like he doesn't know our anniversary or Christmas or my birthday is coming up and what date. It's like when it comes he's totally unprepared to buy anything and then uses the excuse that we don't have enough money for anything good. Bah!!
I want something good this Christmas and if I don't get it I'm gonna return his gifts and buy myself something. If I sound selfish and greedy I'm not really. Most birthday's and Christmas I've got nothing or next to nothing while I scrape together wonderful things for him. He should be hanging his head in shame over his inability to think of a single good gift for me. And by the way in case you think I'm hard to please, I'm not.
It would be nice for one year to have him think about all the things I like and ponder what that means. He doesn't even have to spend much money. I beg for massages all the time so he could just give me tickets for massages. It's the thought that goes into the gift and the originality that makes it special, not how much you spent.
I'm glad that my husband is enjoying his iPod I got him last Christmas. The iPod that he didn't ask for but I saved for months for so I could get him something I knew he would use and would love. I searched for months to find the one that I could afford and then I waited to enjoy that look of shock, surprise and then pure happiness on his face when he opened his gift. I live for that look. If I get that look from my kids on Christmas morning I know I've done a great job.
So I continue to search every store and online for just that right something, that something they may not expect or ask for but that something that is going to bring that 'look' to their faces Christmas morning. When I find it I'll know but for now the search is on and it's so much fun to look and find that something for someone special.


Kate said…
I am putting off the Christmas shopping it's too much stress!

Kate x
Sparkless said…
But Kate if you put it off then you will be stressed trying to do it at the last minute. Oh never mind. I'm sure I'll get to read an amusing story about your Christmas shopping.

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