Fake or real?

I'm flipping through a flyer today and notice something, something I've been noticing alot more of lately. It's how we always have to make something natural into something fake. I'm not sure if this is so someone can make more money or what. It makes me want to scream "Fake Christmas trees are tacky, ugly and so not environmentally friendly!" We think the same thing when we see some old lady who has plastic flowers all over her house. But why do we tolerate fake Christmas trees? And if a few needles in your carpet is your lame excuse for buying a fake tree you should think again. I've seen needles from fake trees in my friend's carpet. Take your smug fake tree attitude and take a close look at what you are really buying into.
Let me set the record straight for everyone. Christmas trees are grown on tree farms. It is illegal to go out and cut trees down, no one does that today. Tree farms are environmentally friendly and make jobs for people. Fake trees are not environmentally friendly or compostable so when you have to toss that fake tree it's an environmental nightmare unlike your nice real tree which can just be ground up and go right back to nature. And for those of you who hate to see a "dying" tree in your living room, well what about flowers, and herbs and all that meat you eat? I just thought if that's your reason for buying a fake tree then you should get a better reason or a large live plant to decorate instead.
Why do we feel the need to make copies of what nature has readily provided us? Maybe we have forgotten the true meaning of the Christmas tree? The Christmas tree and all the green decorations were to bring some green into the house during the cold winter months when the nights were long. It was to give us hope and remind us that spring was coming. What hope does plastic trees and decoration give us? Think about that before you buy anymore fake plastic greenery. Personally I just think of all the petroleum products and other nasty chemicals that these were made with and how the making of these toxic products impacted the third world people who probably live near and work in the factories that make this crap.
Oh and then you have to store all that fakery. I can compost or shred all my greenery and have little need to store much more than our lights and decorations. I don't have to attempt to shove a fake tree back into a box and then find valuable space in our house for it to sit for 360 days a year. Nor do I have to struggle to put said fake tree back together the following Christmas which takes longer than putting on lights on a real tree. HA!
I've heard people whine about how much time it takes to put lights on a Christmas tree and that's why they bought a fake prelit one. Oh come on!! That is the worst excuse ever. It takes us about 5 minutes to put lights on our 6" tree every year. Don't tell me you can't spend 5 minutes putting some lights on a Christmas tree and spending time with your family and kids. If you can't spend the 5 minutes then don't buy a Christmas tree period.
So unless you live in a city where Christmas trees can't be bought or you have an allergy to real trees please for the love of the planet don't buy a fake tree!


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