I've Lost My Will to Read!

The last of my Christmas orders came today. The only things I need to get is some stocking stuffers for the kids stockings. Those are easy and fun to buy. I've got my husband a small video camera cause he's obsessed with taking video and my new camera only takes still pictures.
My "Pioneer Woman Cooks" cookbook came today and as I was looking through it I knew I wasn't going to keep it. It was meant for my older sister. She's the one who will appreciate all the farming references, horse and dog photos. My older sister used to live in Saskatchewan in a small town amongst the farms. Funny how you buy things and then just know they are for someone else. At least I don't have to buy her a gift for Christmas. She's gonna love that book!
There are so many good things for sale before Christmas that I always end up buying myself stuff and then thinking that someone else would love it more and thus it ends up as a Christmas present. Makes my shopping so much more interesting cause I never know what anyone is gonna get.
I've got a ton of books to read and I've lost my will to read. Yes, I never thought I'd say it but "I'VE LOST MY WILL TO READ!!" In all my years I don't think this has happened before. I've got sitting in a pile near me, "My Sister's Keeper", "A Thousand Splendid Suns", "The Girls", and "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society." I even have the "Gormenghast", "Deja Dead" and "When Autumn Leaves" but I just can't get motivated or inspired to read any of them. Oh, and I just saw a couple of more in a pile across the room that I need to get reading. I'm seriously thinking I need to go see the Dr. cause I always feel like reading and have been known to read a crappy novel to the end just because I hate to not finish a book no matter how bad it is.
I'm off to finish the dishes and contemplate my "will to read." Maybe I'll find it somewhere soon but if not I'm going to have to tell my sister to stop lending me all the books she's read or I'm going to be drowning in books by Christmas! In the past that would have been a happy thing to think about but right now all I can think about is how to get all these books out of my house! I know it's almost sacrilegious, isn't it?!


Kate said…
I relate I always want to finish the end of books no matter how bad they are just so I can be sure..... maybe its a female thing?

Kate xx

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