Is it just me?

Or do you troll the internet searching for interesting blogs to read? When you find one you save it and follow it. You check your faves several times a day breathlessly waiting to see if she or he has posted an amusing or interesting post. And when no one posts anything interesting or you don't get your blog fix that day you tirelessly start searching for new blogs to read. If all else fails you'll check some older posts on your fave blogs. I think I've almost gone off books now, well not 100% but a little bit.

I love the blogs that just give a daily update of what is going on with a bit of humor thrown in for fun. Then there are the crushing posts that take your breath away when you wish you could give the person a hug or a stiff drink to get them through a tough time. And best of all there are the posts about nothing at all but pure brain fluff. These brain fluff ones give me a real good idea who the person writing them is and what they are all about. And the blogs that post pictures impress me especially when they show how talented a photographer the person is. My pictures are never that good, clear or interesting. I wish I could figure out the trick to taking good pictures, I keep blaming my camera.

Tonight I was trying to get my blog fix but nothing was hitting the right spot. So I guess I'll just post one myself. Unfortunately for anyone reading this it's not amusing or interesting but at least I'm posting something new. Some of you, and you know who you are, are not keeping up with your blogs like I'd like you to. I've posted twice today, have you?


Kate said…
I found it interesting! I always like your posts

Kate xx
Capital Mom said…
That is why Google Reader is so awesome. You load it with a bunch of blogs and just sit back. There is always soemthing new. It lets me easily follow 60+ blogs.
Sparkless said…
Thanks Kate. Love your blog, it always makes me smile.

CapitalMom - google reader is awesome. Maybe I don't have enough blogs on it yet to keep me reading.
missykimmy said…
I was just doing what you described in the beginning of this post when I stumbled upon your blog! I like it, I found a new blog to follow! :D

When you don't get your blog fix, you can read my blog, if you like. (: It could be the new one you follow!

I hope so anyway. Great blog! ^_^

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