I just can't work myself up into a rant today. Must be the wrong time of the month or something cause nothing is sticking in my craw. I tried to get a good rant on but even the news seemed boring. Nothing peaked my pique.

October is always such an agreeable month ghosts and all. What is it about October and all things ghostly that has people decorating their house, making costumes and generally going overboard for? Is it that the bulk of the harvest is over and people have a bit of time on their hands. Or is October really the month of ghosts and spirits?

We decorate our house a bit but not a huge amount. My kids do dress up in costumes and walk about the neighbourhood trick'or treating. We carve pumpkins and roast the seeds. But I felt there was another deeper meaning to October. We use it as a time to remember our ancestors. I take out the pictures I have of all our relatives that have passed and put them up. If I have any tokens I was given on their passing I take those out and put them near their pictures. And on Halloween we make a big deal of the meal and set an extra plate for our ancestors or spirits.

Mostly I love October because of the leaves. The pretty colored leaves and all the breathtaking vistas you come upon during October. The kids and I usually go out and collect as many pretty leaves as we can and cure them with water and glycerin. After that they can be used for anything and last for years. The colors get a bit muted but it's fun to make garland from real leaves you've cured yourself, or use them as decorations around the house.

Another thing we love to do in October is make apple faces. If you make them early enough then they will be ready for Halloween and you can dress them up and put them out on the porch to welcome your visitors. They are so fun and easy to do. I'll post some pictures of the crafts we make in October as soon as they are finished.

I guess October is my third favorite month, September is my fave, December is my second fave, then October and then May. I don't know why I have favorite months, it seems a bit silly but I just can't help it. When one of these months come along I'm all happy and think everything good is coming my way. Hope springs eternal.


Kate said…
I like October as well. Yummy pumpkin season!

Kate x

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