Thursday, already?!

Where did this week go? And speaking of where did the week go did you realize it's already October 15th? Where did the month go? Sheesh the older you get the faster life speeds by. Why is that? It doesn't make any sense to me at all. It should go slower cause I sure move a lot slower now than when I was a kid. In fact I do everything slower now.

I have to juice grapes today to attempt to make grape jelly. I've done this before but the stuff won't set even when I use certo (stuff to make it set). The neighbours grape vines produce a ton of grapes. They don't really live in the house they just own it and come into town every month or so and stay there. It's weird living right next door to a house that no one lives in but at least they keep it up so it looks lived in.

Anyway they have grape vines and they never pick the grapes. These are grapes for making wine. I pick them and attempt to make jelly with them. I think they must be a type of wine grape cause they have seeds and never make good jelly. I'm undaunted though. I can't waste the grapes. It would be so wrong to throw them all out.

It won't be like last year when I went through all the work to juice them and then left the juice in the fridge too long and had to throw it away or the year before when I left the grapes on the porch too long and they rotted. This year I'll make the jelly and it will set!

Now if I could just figure out what to do with all the green wine grapes. I guess I could juice them too and we could drink the juice. Right now they are just hanging there being an animal attractant. I really want to get rid of them but do I have the energy to juice them all. Juicing involves washing them and cooking them and then hanging them in a bag to let the juice drip through. I wish I had a juicer cause it would be a lot easier.

So after some breakfast I'm going to do grapes. The laundry is already going. I haven't had a shower yet but I'll do that in a bit when the washer is finished. Maybe I'll have some coffee too.
The possibilities are endless!


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