My hand has recovered from it's cramps from typing that huge list of everything broken or not working correctly in our house. I only wish it were the entire list, it isn't even close. But I won't bore you with any more, I'll bore you with something else. LOL!

Today life is good. I feel pretty good, the sun was shining and the kids didn't whine too much when they came home from school. They even managed to leave the house almost immediately after arriving home. So here I sit typing to you, yes you! There actually is a "you" out there. What a way to put the pressure on. But hi, "you." It's good to see you.

I'm waiting for my organic food delivery service to show up. Don't want my veges to sit outside and get icky waiting to be refrigerated. I should have ordered a nice organic dark chocolate bar but I didn't. I'll have to settle for the plums, yams or apples. Sure organic is more expensive but no matter how small or ugly the fruit and veges are they taste a million times better than anything our local grocery store sells and I'm really not exaggerating.

Fruit and veges from my organic box of goodies will get gobbled up instead of tossed in the garbage and as long as the kids prefer the organic and I can afford it (barely) I'll keep buying it. Of course I only get a haircut and color once a year so they better appreciate the sacrifices I've made for them in my personal grooming. That's not even mentioning the old ratty clothes I wear and the underwear with holes in them. Ooooooooooo that's sounding close to a rant. I almost worked myself up into a good old rant.

We bought some Halloween decorations last night. It's amazing what they can make out of some painted pieces of foam. We got a skull and a couple of small head stones to put in our front window. I'd put them outside but I'm sure they'd be stolen.

My daughter wants to be Hermione Granger for Halloween but no one has any Harry Potter costumes anymore. I'll have to keep my eyes on the second hand store and see if we can find something that will do.

My son on the other hand has no idea if he's going to dress up or go out trick'or treating. He's 13 though so I'll forgive him. He's also never been that interested in candy.

My husband will be working that night so I'll be left at home most likely on my own with a big bowl of treats to hand out. Too bad we don't get many trick'or treaters cause I end up with a huge bowl of treat that I just have to dig into. Will power is low, need sugar.......


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