I'm still mulling over whether to buy a new camera or not. I know I'd like one but I don't want anymore debt. Of course we use a camera often so it wouldn't be a waste of money. I wish I could just make a decision and be done with it. Is there something about getting older that means we can't decide anything anymore. And why the heck can't I type the 'n' before the 'g' anymore. I keep having to go back and correct that. ACK!

I'm pretty convinced that the Canon is my camera. All reviews are pointing to that one. It's a Canon SLR and I would look so cool taking pictures with one of those, like I actually knew what I was doing. Maybe my pictures would be better too.

I still need to make some more jelly. I wonder how long the grape juice will keep in the fridge? I'm getting so lazy in my old age and making jelly just seems like so much work. I know I've got the juice, the jars and now I just need to do a bit of work and add a ton of sugar, cook and pour into jars and I'm done. Why is that so much work? Cause I'm old and fat and lazy, that's why!

I think I'm the reincarnation of a cat. I feel like napping somewhere warm all day and then lurking about all night. I need a good smack in the head to reset myself back to normal. Instead I think I'll just go watch a "Harry Potter" movie.


Kate said…
I want a camera too but I figured if I wait until December there will be some good Christmas offers.

Kate xx

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