It's Thanksgiving this weekend here in Canada. Unlike the US who celebrate the Pilgrims Canadians celebrate the harvest. So it's a three-day weekend here and the kids will be off Monday. Of course my husband will be working the entire weekend. I don't think he's spent more than a handful of holidays with the family since the kids were born.

I have to make some type of yams and peas and carrots to bring to the big supper Monday at my parents' house. My mom will make the turkey, stuffing, gravy, pumpkin and apples pies. My older sister will bring some mashed potatoes and beets. My youngest sister will bring some buns and broccoli or brussel sprouts. A feast will be had!

My daughter is sleeping over at a friends house tonight and my son is having a friend sleep over here. I don't know why kids have to have so many sleep overs. Our house is barely big enough for the four people who live here let alone add more. UG!

I'm off to defrost some homemade spaghetti sauce for supper. I have two hungry boys to feed.


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