My comment marathon went okay although I didn't get through me entire list of blogs I follow.  I deleted a few of them when I saw that there had been no posts for 6months or more.  I found a few new blogs to follow though.  I even got a few wonderful comments on my blog.  Thanks ladies!

I can feel Fall in the air.  Last night I actually slept with covers on.  Most of the summer we just lay in our beds with no covers because it's too hot for them.  What a pleasure to slip into some nice crisp sheets and sleep without sweating all night.

My daughter is off for the week to a friends house.  This friend moved away a year ago and every summer they invite someone to come visit.  The daughter got to go 3 hours away from home and stay from Sunday to Friday.  I'm sure she'll have a blast.  Lucky kid!

That means I'm left at home most days with the son who pretty much won't do anything but play video games unless you threaten him with death or mutilation of his game systems.  Threaten his games and he gets very interested in what you are saying.  Fortunately for me he went over to a friends house to most likely play video games.  But at least he's not moping around here.  The husband is at work today.

I have so much I should be doing but I just can't seem to get going.  Well actually I did pay bills and balance the bank account.  Got some paperwork done and now I should make some phone calls but it's almost 3pm and a bit late for today.  Guess it will all have to wait until tomorrow.

I'll take a picture of our finished room renovation as soon as I get my new dresser and curtains.  It doesn't look that great because we have boxes everywhere and only a towel hung up over the window.  We are almost finished the upstairs room too.  All wee need is some more lighting and curtains.  As soon as we've finished that up I'll post a picture.

I still have to buy some school supplies but I've been procrastinating because I have to sort through all the left over supplies from last year and make a list of what we need new.  I haven't bought any school clothes yet and will probably just buy a few things at a time as the kids need them.  I did get two new pairs of running shoes for the daughter.  Got a good deal of buy one pair and get a second pair half off.  The son says his shoes are still good so we'll hang back a bit and wait until his shoes are worn out before buying him a new pair.

I can't wait till school starts!  I love September!  It's the best month of the year.  But I better get going and finish up some more of the tasks I need to get done or pretty soon the day will be over.


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