We may have about 4-5 inches of snow on the ground now.  It's been snowing the last day or so but it's heavy damp snow so that could melt quickly if the weather turns warm.  The forecast actually is saying that it is going to rain later in the week so it will be good bye snow.   For now I love looking outside and seeing everything all white and fresh looking.

The husband got me security cameras for Christmas.  He put one up and it has night vision and sound on it.  I can sit and play on the computer and see what is happening outside.  Like right now I just saw and heard the plow go by.  I'm not sure why they are plowing now when that only makes the road really icy.  I can also see it's snowing cause there are blue streaks falling on the screen.  I no longer have to get up and peer out the curtains every 15 minutes to see what that noise was or who's outside gunning their engine.  I can now see all these things.

Earlier tonight around 12am I saw a guy ride by on a bicycle.  Who rides a bike in the snow at 12am?  A nut job that's who!  There goes the plow again... I think he's lost cause that's the third time he's gone by.  The road is now a shiny sheet of sheer ice.  How's that for alliteration?  If the snow keeps up tonight and the plow keeps going by it's going to be hard digging to get my car out of the snowbank.

Oh look now there's a big truck out there with lights flashing.  Must be the sand/salt truck dusting the corners and hills.  I can see this security camera is going to give me many days of personal amusement.  Just wait till we get the other one set up in the back of the house then I'll be able to watch what the cats do outside too and maybe spy on the neighbours a bit.  hee hee!

I better get to bed now cause I may have to shovel snow tomorrow and it may take me awhile with all the breaks I'll need to take.


Birdie said…
I must admit that I sit on my couch and watch what my neighbours are up to. One of them goes out 7- 8 times every day. It is weird. Or am I weird for keeping track. Don't answer that.
Sparkless said…
Birdie, if you are weird then so am I. I'd be wondering about someone who goes out 7-8 times a day. Although some days I go out almost that much but it's mostly to drive and pick kids up form stuff and maybe a shopping trip thrown in.

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