Mrs. Brown

I'm not sure how I stumbled over this BBC comedy called "Mrs. Brown's Boys" but it is worth a watch.  It does have lots of racy language and is for adults only but it's not what you think.  It's a comedy about a woman who raised 6 kids, 5 boys and one girl on her own. 

There's a long back story about the man who plays Mrs. Brown, yes I said it's a man who plays a woman.   If you enjoy low brow kind of humor you'll probably get a laugh out of Mrs. Brown's Boys.  I knew the husband would enjoy this show because the first one I saw had Mrs Brown in the loo after a curry supper.  There was air freshener involved, spray glue and someone's face got glued to the other ones knickers (undies for us in North America).  Toilet humor is the husbands fave type of comedy but then he works in the hospital in extended care so it's pretty much what he does all day long.

We downloaded a bunch and had a chuckle watching them tonight so I just thought I'd share the humor in case you needed a good laugh check out this show.


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