Green Stuff

Stay tuned for some pictures of what we have growing in our yard.  If the weather cooperates tomorrow I'm going out and taking some pictures because I actually saw some some bulbs were poking their green shoots up out of the garden today.   It was raining though so I didn't want to bring my camera outside and try to get pictures.   I really need to get outside and scoop up the cat poop too.  The one cat we have has no problem just pooping on the lawn or in the snow if there isn't a garden she can dig in.  I guess it's better to scoop it outside than have to scoop it out of a cat box inside.  Yup, that's way better.

Here's a summer picture from one of our local parks just to remind you all that spring will be here soon.


Mama Pea said…
Omigosh. We're all so hungry for the sight of spring greens (whether they be grass, trees budding, flowers pushing up or something sprouting in the garden) that the picture you posted looks positively LOVELY. Thanks! I can almost smell the spring air.
Erin said…
Spring is coming fast here!

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