Waiting to Hear

We are still waiting to hear how my mom's surgery went.  Visiting hours don't start until 2pm so I'm patiently waiting until then.  While I wait I decided to finally try some Kombucha tea I bought.  I'm not sure if I like this stuff or not.  It has a kind of nasty after bite to it.  Plus it left my stomach feeling a bit off like I drank vinegar or something.  I only drank half the bottle and will wait to make sure I don't have any adverse reaction to it before attempting to drink the rest.  I've heard lots of great health claims about this stuff so wanted to give it a try.

And another thing I'm trying is Kefir.  I wasn't sure what it would be like but it's really just like runny yogurt.  I bought an unflavoured kind but I can see how it would be easy to add it to anything you eat.  It too has many great health claims.  When I researched it I found it has way more of those good bacterial cultures than yogurt so a little does you good.  As little as a tablespoon a day.

If it's healthy and inexpensive and I can make it myself I'm game to give it a chance.  Not sure about the Kombucha but the Kefir I will definitely look into getting some grains to make for myself and family.

Now if I could just find some magic stuff that burned fat off a body without starvation or having to flail my body around too much I'd be all set.

Edited to add:  It's now 3:30pm and my mom is still in recovery.  That sounds bad until you find out they don't have a bed for her or she'd be in her room.  We can't see her in recovery and she can't get into her room because the person in it is being transfered and they are waiting for the transfer to happen and then they'll have to clean the room etc.  So my dad and I both left.  He's going to phone around 5 and see if she's in her room yet.  From what the nurse said her surgery went well but it's not the same as seeing a person and patting their hand.   Hospitals sure aren't like they used to be when everyone got a bed and no one had to be stuck in the hallway or a Tim Hortons to wait for a bed!


Erin said…
Hope your mom gets a bed and room soon, that's a painful recovery and she needs a nice place to rest, even if it isn't truly relaxing in the hospital.

I'm sure Mama Pea will chime in about the kefir, pretty sure she has dabbled in that if not a regular pro! I've only had it once, and I had to buy it at Trader Joe's as I don't have any real dairys in my area to obtain good milk products.
Sparkless said…
Mom's in a room now but she's sharing it with two other people. She looked great today and was in very good spirits. She's already gotten out of bed and was putting all her weight on her new hip. Only five steps to start but it's hard to believe they can even do that after that operation. They must use some pretty good drugs for pain.
TheBlakkDuchess said…
As someone who works in a hospital, it makes me nuts when the other staff don't bust some butt to get people where they need to be (like in their proper room...) I know that sometimes it's difficult if the ER is busy, but from a planned surgery? Really? No excuse, people...

I'm glad your mom finally got to her room & I hope her room mates are good ones. ^-^

My father in law had his hip replaced three years ago & my partner & I helped take care of him. Your mom is awesome for being up & around already! =D And the pain killers are the shiznit... XD

Thank you for your good thoughts & happy feelings. I felt much better after a little bit... I think I just needed to get some stuff out. Bleh...

Hope your mom's doing well & that you & the rest of your family are too. Have a most wonderful weekend! ^-^


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