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I keep hearing about the cold weather out East.  Freezing pipes seem to be a huge problem.  This seems to be a fairly consistent thing for most of these people so I'm wondering why they don't insulate their pipes properly so they don't have to worry about them freezing.  We've never had problems with pipes freezing.  We've never had to let our water run to keep the water lines from freezing.  But then maybe the temperatures are much colder than we ever get.  I'm thinking it's been down to -18C but that would be pretty rare.  We also don't get much wind which would contribute to the wind chill factor.

So fill me in is it because the temperatures are much colder than we ever get or is it because they haven't insulated their pipes properly?


Mama Pea said…
Gotta say, Sparkless, that I've wondered the very same thing. There could be extenuating circumstances of which I'm not aware, but the few times (in different houses) we've had trouble with pipes freezing, we remedied the situation so it never happened again. Insulation to put around pipes is fairly cheap (unless the vulnerable spot is where it can't be reached) so it doesn't seem like it would be a hardship to fix it. Even if one had to do some digging under the house, for instance, to get at the weak link, I would sure do it come decent weather so the same problem didn't exist the following cold season.

Maybe we're both missing something here?
Birdie said…
I asked my husband who is from Ontario and he said people do but they still freeze. So, there you go.

I am sitting here looking out the window at the sun starts to go down. It is supposed to be 14 C. tomorrow. No pipes freezing here!
Rain said…
In my case, I'm a renter and the house I'm renting currently is new, built in the 2000's and was very well insulated, no issues with freezing pipes at all. But a few places I've rented before had frozen pipes and despite the problem, the property owners wouldn't insulate them...why? Who knows! When I'm ready to buy it's one of the first things I'll do to prepare for winter for sure because I remember having to hold a hair dryer for an hour plus under the sink in -40C weather. One of my neighbours' pipes actually burst with the expanding ice in them...hefty price to pay. I'm in Quebec in the mountains and this morning it was -32C when I woke up. At -25-ish, I always left a little drip going in each faucet where I had that problem, and it worked.

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