I couldn't get my picture to post.  Not sure why but I tried for a couple of hours and gave up.  I think it's too big and I have no idea how to make it smaller.  I have got a friend who will come over next week and give me a hand cause I'm so tired of struggling with pictures not working.  My computer is very old and most likely needs to be updated but I keep plugging along attempting to keep it going even though it is over 4 years old now.  Doesn't that seem so wrong that a machine that is only 4 years old is now obsolete?

Hopefully my picture will be up by next Wed.  Sorry to keep you hanging.


Birdie said…
Remember when washing machines lasted 25, 30 years? *sigh*
Sparkless said…
Birdie we owned a washer that we got second hand and it did last over 25 years! Our current washer and dryer are the same age as my son 19. We bought them just before he was born because we thought we'd need a new washer and dryer for all that baby laundry. I guess we picked well because they are still going strong.

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