It started with the cat.  He likes to wake us up around 4am to go outside.  Some nights he just likes to wake us up and then won't go outside.  I chased him around the house trying to grab him to toss him out so he wouldn't wake us up again but I couldn't catch the little bugger and that made me mad.  Of course he came back and woke me up again just as I was falling back to sleep.  I made the husband get up because I'd already got up once and it was his turn.

I had to get up at 7am so I could get in the shower to be ready to take my daughter to a hair appointment.  Plus I had to go to a funeral later.  The son had to go to work at 9am.  We have one car so you do the math.  It's chaos trying to get enough time in the bathroom to look half decent and the light in the bathroom is so poor that I've given up wearing make-up because I just end up looking like a clown.

So I'd only got about 5 hours of sleep because the cat kept waking me up and then the phone rang at 6am too.  I jumped in the shower and managed to get a bunch of shampoo in one of my eyes.  My eye was really red.  I tried to get rid of the red by putting a cold compress on it.  It didn't help so I had to put my contact lenses in.  My right lens wasn't comfortable and was blurry.  I checked it and rinsed it off still felt wrong.  I put some drops in my eye and tried again.

Finally I gave up and tried a new contact lens.  As I was tearing open the package I gashed my thumb open on the sharp plastic.  I managed to get a band-aid out of the box after much fumbling and cursing because you have to now rip them apart and can't just grab one.  I dropped several on the floor.  Got the band-aid on my thumb and then realized how difficult it would be to put my contact in without that thumb.  Got the new contact in after using different fingers, awkward, eye still felt weird not to mention I look like I have pink eye.  UG!

So I'm really getting frustrated because my vision is impaired and I have lots of driving to do today and a funeral to go to.  I take an advil hoping it will reduce any swelling and maybe the contact will start feeling better.

I have to part with my lucky $50 bill in my wallet to pay for my daughter's hair cut because we are that broke.  I've had that bill in my wallet for almost two years.  I got it from my parents on my birthday and I've been keeping it so I can always feel like I have some money.  Now I have none.

I drop the son off at work and then drop the daughter off at her hair appointment wishing one of these kids would hurry up and learn to drive.  Then I drive up to my parents place and don't see their car so I think they must be at the hall already and call my sister.  We decide to just meet at my parents place.  I go back there and of course my parents are home.  I forgot that they cleaned out their garage and now park their car in there.  In my entire life they have never parked in the garage so you can excuse my not remembering this.  We have no idea what is going to happen at this funeral/celebration of life.  It ended up being just a gathering of people with a lunch served.  The family have put up some pictures of their mom who had passed away.  I guess in the spring they are going to have a grave side service to bury her ashes that will be just for family.  Lets just say there was lots of crying.

I have to rush home to get the son and drive him back from his job.  Then I have to drive the daughter to a friends house for a sleep over.  The husband goes off to work and I'm left with the son.  He then lays on the couch and doesn't talk or do anything all night.  I asked him if he wanted to watch a movie, play a game, go for a walk, you name it he declined.  So I did laundry and read stuff on the computer.

I am so tense from today that I feel like a spring and I'm about to pop!  I can't sleep even though I'm exhausted.  If that dang cat wakes me up tonight I may just fling him outside by the tail.  Not really but I sure will feel like it.  If he didn't have asthma I'd leave him outside all night but we've been hearing coyotes yipping at night and now that he's so fat he'd make a great meal for any marauding coyotes so we only let him out at night for a few hours now.

Well I'm off to brush my teeth again and attempt to sleep.  I hope tomorrow is a much better day for me and a great day for everyone else.


Anonymous said…
Oh, sweetie. As Anne said in Anne of Green Gables, you had a Jonah day. I hope you slept better last night and That Cat left you alone. I have to chuckle at the cat having asthma. Cats are supposed to cause asthma, not have it!
Sparkless said…
Birdie, that's what they call the day I just had? Well Jonah is not welcome here anymore!

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