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Once again I notice I am writing tons but not posting anything.  My drafts are piling up and my posts are few and far between.  So here's a post for the few who are interested in what I am up to.  The edited version would be "not much, as usual".  Then I would probably leave this as a draft and never post it.  But I'm going to post this no matter what.  There will probably even be a typo or worse a spelling error, gasp!  I may even split an infinitive or have a sentence run on.  But no one is really paying any attention to that stuff anyway, right....right?!

The son is doing well at his job, at least from what we can figure out.  They haven't fired him yet and he seems to enjoy working when he has work.  Unfortunately when you work at minimum wage jobs in a retail setting you may have to look busy when you aren't.  He's not fond of being bored at work so that's a good thing.  At least I hope it is and that it means he wants to be busy and working not being a lazy bum.

We are inching forward to the daughter's graduation.  We are searching for a graduation dress but our budget is limited.  Well, frankly it's nil but we'll go farther into debt to buy her one even if it's not a brand new one.  Unfortunately there are no shops that sell formal gowns here.  There is a local event that sells used gowns but the daughter can't go to it because she is working that evening.  Ya, that one event that we may be able to find an affordable second hand dress and she can't go.  She would ask to switch shifts with the other girl but the other girls is going to the event and that means she won't switch her morning shift for the afternoon one.  ARG!  Story of my life, nothing ever goes right.

So we ordered a dress on ebay from China.  Not sure if it will arrive, be the right color, size or work out but we still have time to find a dress so we aren't freaking out just yet.  It should arrive in the next week or so.  If it looks anything like in the picture it will be beautiful but we realize that pictures are deceiving and it could be a total failure.  We'll send it back if it is and find something else.  The daughter can always wear her cousin's dress if all else fails but I think the daughter wants to look around and try some on, it's the experience more than the gowns she wants.

We tried to make an appointment for her hair and they were all booked up at the place she wanted to go so we got the last appointment at a different place.  Not sure if we'll keep the appointment or not but we've got it if we need it.  Graduation isn't until the end of June so lots of time to search for other hairdressers.  I'm sure there will be some cancellations and movement between now and then.

Also the daughter's learners license was going to expire next week so she took a few lessons and have been practicing every day.  She takes her drivers test on Tuesday morning.  She may not pass because she really hasn't put enough driving in and she's a bit timid yet but if she passes then she doesn't have to rewrite her learners and pay another $35.  So we are hopeful that she passes and then she can drive without an adult driver!  She could drive herself to work and it would be nice not to have to do that once in awhile.  Her job is only a 5 minute drive at our local mall and there is lots of free parking.

We washed the mold in the son's bedroom again and then sprayed it with this mold sealing stuff.  You spray it on and let it dry.  This is a temporary fix until the weather is better and we can rip the wall off and check behind it so make sure there is no mold there.  We are pretty sure the water is from the window so we just need to get that fixed but of course it's not that easy because we need to have money for that which of course we have none of.  We'll be waiting for our income tax refund which I should be working on right now but I'm afraid to because we only have one dependent and that means less money back.

On the weather front, we have no snow left.  Our temps are now spring like and above freezing in the days and nights.  A few nights it's freezing still but not many.  I even found a pansy blooming in our gardens the other day!!  It's Feb and our garden thinks it's May.  I have a feeling it's going to be a long hot summer.

So that's it for me for now.  Not much going on cause I'm just boring like that.  I hope you are all (the two people who read this that is) having a wonderful day.


Birdie said…
My daughter and I went last week to a discount store to get her dress. I was so glad when she chose one that was just over $100.00. It is going to need alterations so we will see what the total bill will be. Maybe your daughter can beg her boss to let her off the night she has to work?
I am glad your son is enjoying his job and the mold is cleaned up at least temporarily. :-)
Sparkless said…
Birdie, glad to hear your daughter found a dress and it didn't cost a fortune. Unfortunately for my daughter there isn't anyone else that can work that evening as they only have 4 people who work there. One is the owner who is pretty well retired and then her daughter and two part-time employees. It's a small lottery ticket booth so there is no one else who can fill in. We aren't going to worry about it too much. It's just a dress she'll only wear for a few hours and we have one that fits her already that she can borrow free from her cousin. I hope that the one we ordered comes soon so we can decide if we have to send it back or not.

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