Please Send Sanity

I am hanging onto my sanity with my fingertips here.  Life is throwing me too many curve balls all at once and I don't have the energy, money, or resources to deal with this all at once.  Why, does everything always go to crap when I start feeling like life is okay now.

Both kids have jobs and seem to be doing okay for now.  We were managing to get the bills paid and nothing major had broken, well until today that is.  I'm afraid that now the flood gate of crap has opening and it will just keep coming.

It starting with the washer agitator not really agitating the clothes.  It's broken.  I messed around with it and did some research and it's not fixable.  In the washer's defense it is 20 years old now so it's done it's time.  Too bad we don't have any money to buy a new or even a used one.  Guess we'll have to keep using the washer even if it doesn't really wash our clothes properly.

Then drove all the way to get cat food only to find out they don't make that kind anymore.  So not only did I waste 30 minutes driving all the way out there to get cat food but I had to buy a different kind.  This of course upset the asthmatic cat who now refuses to eat his canned food.  We mix his medication in his canned food so this is a problem.  The old cat isn't eating her canned food either which is fine but now she's puking up the dry food.  We had thought her teeth were bothering her and that's why she wasn't eating her dry food in the past and that's why we give her mostly canned food now but she was gobbling up the new dry food and was fine for a few days.  Today she yacked up a whole bunch of dry food so I'm not sure if we need a new kind or what.  We'll give it a few more days but the other cat has to eat his canned food cause he needs to get his medicine for his asthma.  Stupid cats!!!

The son was at work today and I picked him up at 11am cause he was done.  Kid had to start at 6am.  He started to clean his room and found some mold.  We started to look and we found a lot of mold.  I had to throw his pillows out, well I had to throw the one out for sure and just tossed the other one too.  This one wall in his room got moldy from the husband "fixing" the window.  Now the whole wall needs to be ripped out and behind it needs to be checked for mold.  The window needs to be replaced too.  Poor kid has been sleeping with black mold!  Not much we can do right now other than wash it off the best we can.  We will keep his bed away from that one wall too.  I'm washing all his bedding and had an extra pillow so he's good for tonight but the husband is going to get a good talking to cause mold is nothing to cheap out on.

The only good thing is that the son hasn't gotten sick from the mold yet and if you could see how small his room is and his ceiling is only 6 feet tall in the middle and then tapers down on the sides because it's an attic room.  He can't even stand up straight in his room cause he's 6'2".  So if he can survive in that tiny room for this long with all that mold it must not be the real toxic kind which is good.

I've had a good cry and moan so now I'm going to buy a lottery ticket and hope that we win enough to buy a better house.  I'm hanging onto my sanity with hope right now.  Hope that we can fix the mold and the washer and not have to go further into debt.


Anonymous said…

It sounds crazy but you can wash clothes (& linens) in the bathtub using a new
toilet plunger. Plunging cleans then as well as a washing machine. I know cause
I had to do laundry this way until we replaced the broken washer. The hard part is wringing stuff out by hand. I wish you well. Oh, by the way I was 74 when I did my laundry this way! Sandy L. living in the mountains of southern California.
Birdie said…
That is quite a clever idea on washing clothes with a toilet plunger. I have had to go without a washing machine several times. I didn't realize how much I valued it until it wasn't there anymore.
Do you think the mold issue would be covered under your insurance? It is worth a try. When my condo was leaking and the walls were being ripped out we had so much black mold. I had to get a dehumidifier and I would empty bucket of water out of it.
I feel sad for you that you are going through so much. I know how hard you try. Sending you some hugs because I have been there and know how discouraging it is and how defeated you feel.
Sparkless said…
Hi Sandy L. The washer sort of moves the clothes around and still spins so even if it does totally stop agitating the clothes I could use a plunger in the washer and then spin them dry and save myself from wringing them out. That's hard work for a 74 year old but I guess you do what you have to do and get on with it. Thanks for the well wishes and the story. It's great to know others have gotten through tough times too.

Birdie, I haven't even thought about mold and our insurance. I would think the deductible would be more money than we can afford right now. As soon as we can we are going to have a look behind the wall and if there is mold there we will cross that bridge when we get to it. Thanks for the reminder about insurance, I'll look into it tomorrow. We've never needed a dehumidifier, in fact it's usually pretty dry in our house in winter. I'm hoping the water is coming in through the window that the husband messed up and once we fix the window and clean up the mold the problem will be solved. Thanks for the hugs, I needed them today.
Mama Pea said…
So, so glad to hear your son has landed a job! That will be good for his self-esteem, too.

For all the years we lived without electricity or running water, I used a James Washer (hand agitated with a hand powered wringer attached) and I did everything in it including work clothes and sheets. So much better than a wash board that women used for a long time!

The mold problem can be a serious one and I hope you can get it resolved without too much money or hassle.

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