Cookies, Recycling and Same Old Stuff

Cookies decorated, check.  The icing wasn't the right consistency and we didn't have tips for the bags so it was awkward trying to pipe the icing onto the cookies but they'll taste fine even if they look like some 5 year olds decorated them.

As I was going through all my Christmas plates and tins I found we had an overabundance of them.  It seems every year someone or other gives us some kind of Christmas plate or bowl.  Beautiful though they may be we have no use for them.  We literally have no space to put a bowl of candy out let alone a plate of cookies.  I find it amusing when the husband wants to set something down and can't find anywhere other than the ground.  He mumbles and grumbles and then I remind him that our house is too small and we need to move to a place that suits our needs more.  He shuts his mouth pretty fast then.

Instead of buying all those reusable plastic containers to give treats to family members we used all those plates, bowls and tins.  I was sad to see a couple of them go but we never use them and they are taking up space we don't have so off they go.  I just hope we didn't re-gift them to the original givers.

One of our local grocery stores does gift baskets and they use a printed cardboard bottom on them that is recyclable which is great.  You  don't have to worry it will break like a plate or bowl.  Cheaper and you don't end up with another Christmas bowl or plate that you don't want or need. The people who get the basket can just recycle the box or keep it to use as a gift basket bottom the following year. We received one of these baskets of food last year and love it so we give each of our nephews and niece one of these baskets.

It's late and I can't sleep so I'm up at the computer trying to bore myself to sleep by writing about my life.  There is no snow outside but it did slush for a bit tonight so there is a bit of white but it will melt by tomorrow.  It's a rare year not to have any snow on the ground and a sad state of the world to know that global warming is really happening and these types of Christmases will happen more often.

The other night I saw a bunch of deer stroll by.  The funny thing is they walked mostly on the sidewalk and went one at a time with a long distance between them.  The first deer I saw I thought it was a rather large dog until it dawned on me that it may be a deer so I ran to the window to see and sure enough a deer.  I saw about 5 walk by and then go back the way they came about 10 minutes later.  They must have wandered into town and figured out it wasn't where they wanted to be so started to backtrack.  So strange to see deer walking down the street.

The animal count for the year is bear, racoon, turkey and deer.  If I counted drunk humans as animals I'd toss in a bunch of those too.  And we saw some strange light moving around on the back camera one night.  I went out to see if I could figure out where the light was coming from but there was nothing.  The only thing we can think it may be is a spider web that was blowing around in the wind.  I should post it somewhere saying it's a ghost cause it sure does look creepy moving back and up and down in the dark.  The next night it wasn't there anymore.

It's Christmas Eve and already people are yammering on about New Year and their year in review.  We haven't even had Christmas yet and they are already moving to the next thing to be first.  I'm just going to savor Christmas Eve and Christmas then think about New Years.  I have no need to be first or get this year over with quickly.  Time will pass no matter what I do or say so I'll just try to stay in the moment.

Oh and something weird is going on with the husband.  Weird in that we both said we weren't getting each other much for Christmas.  I only got him a few small gifts.  He said he did the same.  Today he went out and bought some large bolts.  When I asked what they were for he wouldn't answer.  He left them in the bathroom.  I am very afraid now he's going to have bought something we don't need and he can't install properly.  He'll end up spending all Christmas day trying to put something together or up on a wall instead of spending time with his family.  It's how he gets out of doing anything with his kids or with me. 

Please say a little prayer or send energies that he didn't buy anything.  Our entire bathroom needs to be done over and I don't want him buying stuff for it until we redo it. He's very bad at decorating and will just buy stuff that is really ugly, cheap and doesn't look good together at all.  If you have to redo your bathroom you may as well redo it with things that work well together and aren't so cheap you have to replace them in a year or two.  More than likely he bought something like a huge ugly heated towel rack that won't fit properly in our bathroom and will have to be hardwired into the wall.  It could also be a fire hazard because that wall is paneled with wood and behind that is old crumbling plaster lathe which isn't easy to properly hang anything on unless you can find a stud which is pretty hard to do.

I bought a lottery ticket for Christmas day and am hoping my ship comes in because we could use either a contractor to fix this house or a new house that is big enough and isn't falling apart.  I don't want a huge house because then I'd have to clean it so one that is just big enough would be good.  I'd rather have a large yard than a large house. 

Well I'm bored and now am feeling either tired or depressed enough to go back to bed.  I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday season and peace, joy and love.

PS.  Just read over what I've written quickly.  Sorry for all the typos and capitalization errors.  I'm tired, remember.  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it because I do have a University degree so I can't be a total illiterate.


What a good idea to recycle all those Xmas plates and bowls! I love special dishes like that too and I have to remind myself all the time not to buy them because they take up so much space to store for use only once a year.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you that the Hubz didn't buy anything big requiring assembly!

Have a wonderful Xmas!
Mama Pea said…
Your cookies are absolutely beautiful! So colorful and festive! I didn't even do sugar cookies (to frost) this year. I'm very bad at putting on even the simplest of frostings or icings. I call my efforts for same "rustic."

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