Go Away Cancer!!!!!!!!!

I want a cure for cancer, right now!  So many people are getting cancer now I'm beginning to wonder if the cancer rate isn't more like 50%.  I have some not so good news.  My dad was just diagnosed with stage 2 skin cancer.  He had a spot on his back for a few years and my mom and sister had been telling him to see a Dr. about it but my dad is a bit of a fool when it comes to Dr's.  He doesn't want to see a Dr. for anything.

He left that spot on his back, which by the way was a bit bigger than the size of a quarter, for well over a year.  So now they know it's stage 2 cancer.  They have to do scans, and some more surgery.  My mom did not go to the Dr with my dad so isn't too sure about what they are going to do.  On a young healthy person this may not be too serious but on a 76 year old man who has CPOD from allergies and working at a smelter breathing in all sorts of crap over the years treatment and healing is more difficult.

My sister and I have told my mom she really needs to go with dad to his appointments because hes a bit of a stubborn old guy and it's always better to have someone there to support you.  Actually I wish they would let either my sister or me go with him because my mom's memory is not that great and she sometimes gets things mixed up.  My sister is a social worker at the hospital so she'd be perfect but doubtful they'll allow her to come and be their liaison.  Sometimes older people do better when they have someone who can help them through all the medical terms and test results and decisions they will have to make.  Not all the elderly need this kind of help but I'm pretty sure that even I'd love some extra support if I were going through cancer or other serious health problem.

In the past 4 yeas we've had my sister-in-law in Australia battle breast cancer.  So far she is free of it but she has to stay on medication for 5 years.  We pray that she is cancer free forever.  We lost a close family friend to throat cancer at only 46 years old.  This man's mother who lives across the street from my parents and whom I consider to be like my second mom is battling cancer.  Unfortunately she is at the point when they can't do anything to help her and are just trying to keep her comfortable.  Her cancer has spread.  I can't imagine what her family is going through to lose a son and brother to cancer only a year ago and to have your mom or wife with cancer and not expected to survive.  My heart aches for them.

And now cancer has hit my immediate family, at least my biologically immediate family.  We'd all like to give my dad a big smack on the head for not taking care of that spot earlier but you can't make someone see a Dr.  Such a stupid thing to do to yourself and your family.

I am worried, tired and stressed.  I haven't posted about this even though it's been a month or more because I just didn't have the heart.  All these cancers and I don't want to acknowledge them, I don't want to give them more energy over my life and the people I love.  I want cancer gone from this earth never to take another life or harm another person.  Why do these cells grow?  Why can't we stop them from growing? 

My prayers go out to all who are struggling with cancer and for their families.  I wish there was something more than a prayer I could do for you but it's all I have.


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