I have 8 unfinished posts in my saved files.  Yup, 8 times I started to write a post and then abandoned it.  I usually come back later to read what I was on about and don't like how it was written or can't quite pick up the thread of thought so I start a whole new post.  I'm attempting it again right now.  I wonder if I'll make it to the end of this post and actually hit the publish button.  Only time will tell.

I do have a picture for you of our bear.  I've seen him about 10 times on our security camera but by the time I grab the camera and run to the door he's off down the street and it's too dark outside to catch a picture of him.  The best I can do is take a picture of him from the security camera display.  He's not a very big bear and it always surprises me and takes a few minutes to figure out it's a bear I'm seeing.  He's just strolling down the street in front of our car.  I haven't seen him for the last two nights so I hope he's found somewhere else to hangout.


Halloween came and went.  We had 14 kids come to our door and that's counting three of the son's friends that came over and got him to go for a walk.  The son had to come home early though because he had to work at 9pm.  The daughter went to a friends house for a sleep over and they watched scary movies.  I sent candy with her and some glow eyeglasses for them to wear for fun.

We didn't even carve our pumpkin.  Now I'm contemplating cooking up the flesh but I've heard that the carving pumpkins don't make good eating and that the small amount of flesh they have is stringy and tasteless.  I guess it can't hurt to try and I can roast some pumpkin seeds too.  It seems a waste to throw it away uncarved.

We had slush the other night, at least that is what the son said.  No snow yet and it's still pretty warm so I doubt we'll get any for awhile.  Snow on Halloween is pretty unusual here.  Hopefully we'll get lots of snow.  I love lots of snow especially for Christmas.

I'm almost done my Christmas shopping for the kids.  I also have the daughter's birthday present because her birthday is the end of January so way too hard to find anything good after Christmas so I usually buy her something early and hide it until her birthday.  I don't think the husband and I will be giving each other much for Christmas.  We are so broke and we really need to stick to not overspending at all.  I did get him a crank flashlight (the kind that doesn't need batteries for when there are power failures) that you can also plug in a USB to recharge your phone or other devise.   I also got him an adapter thing for the car so you can play your iPod music or other devise through the radio.  We only have a cd player in the car and we don't have any cd's anymore.  Most music is on some kind of player now or memory stick and our radio stations aren't very good.  I miss listening to music I enjoy while I'm driving so hopefully this thing will work okay.

I'll probably get the husband a shirt and some candy too but that's about all he's getting this Christmas from me.  For family I'll just do baking and make up gift baskets or boxes of some kind.  Everyone loves homemade treats.  It will be a very frugal Christmas this year.  Worse than any other year unless the husband decides to do some overtime shifts.  He's done a few but not enough to make a dent. Most years he would do lots of overtime so we could make it through Christmas but he doesn't want to so it's a frugal Christmas for us this year.  Not like anyone will be hurt by it because we'll be well fed and have a fun time no matter how many presents we get.

We set our clocks back an hour on Sunday and I always love getting that extra hour of sleep.  I'm not sure why so many people complain about it.  It's the Spring when you lose the hour that I don't like.  Who wants to lose an hour of sleep?  Not me.

I can tell it's getting cold outside because the daughter's cat who isn't a real snuggly one wants to sit on our laps now.  He rarely does that but must have finally figured out when it's cold the best place to be is snuggled up on a warm lap.  Only took him 4 years to figure that out.

I'm going to stop now and just publish this before I think better of it.  If I don't do it this post will languish in the saved file forever so sorry if it's a bit muddled and boring but that's pretty much my life so there you have it.


Mama Pea said…
Seems kind of strange that little bear would be hanging right around a residential area all this time. Wonder if he's got his route of garbage cans he stops at?

Congrats on having so much of your Christmas shopping done. I can't get into the spirit of the thing quite yet. I'm even contemplating NOT doing much holiday baking this year. Last year I tossed a bit and don't want to do that again.
Birdie said…
I don't even want to think about Christmas right now but I have to because I have to spread out the spending. My husband retired but is not yet collecting a pension so we are living on my income. It will be frugal as well.

People spend way too damn much on Christmas, as far as I'm concerned. And I include myself in that group. Gonna cut back this year.
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea we live right near wild areas on a mountain and have all sorts of wild animals come into town. It's not uncommon for bears to wander into town. He's probably finding fruit and garbage to eat. I'm just hoping he moves out of town and finds a good place to hibernate away from people. If he keeps making a nuisance of himself they will just shoot him.
Sparkless said…
Birdie, I know how that feels since I don't have a job and we have to live in my husbands income. I have to spread out the spending too and like to get things early because I have to order them because we only have one department store, Walmart to shop in.
Sparkless said…
Debra, I agree, people get themselves all stressed out over buying a gift for someone when they don't really need to. I told my husband all I wanted for Christmas was back rubs and foot rubs. Those are better than anything he could buy.

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