I feel like I'm roasting.  For the last week we have had temps up to 40C (104F).  Tonight at 8pm it was still 30C (86F) outside!  It's not cooling down much at night either.  This means I don't sleep well.  I wake up feeling like I'm being smothered.  Then I get up and go splash some cold water on my face and arms.  I get a cold drink of water and try to go back to sleep.  This happens several times at night.  No, it's not hot flashes, it's the heat. 

The only time I feel cool is after my cool shower.  I keep turning the water temp down on my shower until it's almost frosty but it feels so good!  I know I'll get used to the heat in a few weeks, I better because it doesn't look like we are going to be getting any cool weather soon.  The predictions for this summer is hotter and dryer than normal.  Can't we have a cooler than normal summer but without the rain?  Naw, that would mean you could go outside and enjoy life.  Who would want that?

So if I sound a bit cranky, I am.  I'm hot and sleep deprived.  We have two window a/c units and they can barely keep the inside of the house comfortable.  We have several fans too trying to move the cool air into all the areas of the house instead of just having the kitchen freezing cold. 

My bedroom has insulation since we did the renovation but even that doesn't seem to help much.  I lay there with a fan blowing on me and can't sleep.  I hate fans blowing in my face.  But in such a small room no matter where you put the fan the air bounces off a wall and ends up blowing in my face somehow.  UG!

We turn the a/c off at night.  Sometimes I will leave them on but my ears need a break from the constant noise.  I'm being slowly deafened by a/c units and fans constantly on!  I hope my medical will help cover hearing aides cause I'm gonna need them!

Wow, I sure can whine about the heat.  LOL!  Maybe I need to change the topic?

The daughter is going away with a friend on Friday to another town to shop.  They will stay two nights and come home Monday.  Friday night she is staying at the friend's house because they have to get up early and drive 4 hours to get to the town.

And the son, not to be left out of the fun. got himself invited on a camping trip with one of his friends.  He leaves Sat and will be home Wed.  Like that isn't enough excitement the husband's sister and family will be at the In-laws this weekend.  I think they are visiting for 10 days or two weeks. 

The husband has to work all weekend but by the time both kids are home he'll be off work and we can go visit at the in-laws.  Hopefully the husband will stay out there and I will get to come home.  I can't sleep on the floor but the husband can so I can't stay over night.  The in-laws only have one extra bedroom and sister-in-law and husband stay in that when they visit.  They live a good 16 hour drive from the in-laws so they deserve the good bed after that drive.

Even though it's roasting hot here all the rivers and lakes are up high because of the wet June we had.  The beaches are under water and so are most of the boat launches.  Hopefully with some more warm weather the water levels will go down and the beaches will emerge. 

If I can hack the heat I'll take some pictures of our garden.  This year I've pretty much given up on it and with our heat I'm not weeding it either so things are not looking good out there.  We'll it's almost 2am so hopefully it's cool enough to get a few hours of sleep.


Mama Pea said…
Yep, the hot, humid weather is getting to all of us. My hubby, who is rarely grouchy, has been a mite bit testy lately and I know it's just because of the unrelenting heat. It makes you feel sick to try to work out in it. I got only half the strawberry patch picked today because of the heat. I'll try to do the last half first thing in the morning. Yuck. We sure could use a cool down!
Erin said…
Get used to it? You are nuts girl, I've been trying for 20 years now and it hasn't happened yet! If its dry its one thing but with a wet and humid heat it's just miserable no matter what. Good news about your son going camping with friends, I hope he has a good time and gets motivated to do some more things like that, it's nice to see him get unplugged from the video games and have some male bonding time!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, we don't get the humidity and if we did I'd have to whine even more so at least that's something to be thankful for.

Erin, I actually am able to sleep at night in the heat around mid August. So ya, I get used to the heat. And the son didn't get unplugged. This campsite had power and he brought his PSP (handheld game system)as did his friend. I just wish they would have rented a canoe or paddle boat or gone on hikes or something. Getting any information out of him is next to impossible so we aren't really sure what they did.

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