My daughter's cat is turning into a mighty mouse killer.  So far this year he's killed two white mice and today he graced us with a fat black mouse.  I've had cats pretty much all my life so nothing they do disturbs me too much but the husband said something tonight that did.  He said our next door neighbour guy told him that they had mice in their house.  We have never had a mouse in our house at least not that we know of.  There is no evidence of them so I'm going to assume they aren't in our house.

What disturbs me is that these people live only a few feet away from our house have mice and those mice are now coming out of their house and our cat is catching them.  These mice could just as easily make their way into our house.  I'd try to seal up all the areas they could get in but honestly I doubt I could make the house mouse proof.  There are just too many places I could never seal up like where the dryer vent is, it's almost right on the ground.  Who would put a dryer vent that low so that animals could potentially get into it even though it has those plastic flaps on it that close when the dryer is off.

Our basement is packed full of stuff.  Now I'm worried that the mice, should they make their way into our house, will find plenty of places to nest.  Ya, I'm a worrier.  I could find something to worry about even if my house was made of gold! 

Other than having cats who hunt mice does anyone have any good ways to keep mice away from your house like herbs or sprays of some sort?  I know I've heard of people brewing stuff up and spraying it around their foundations but I'm not sure that would work so I'm just getting prepared for the mouse invasion should it come.  Better to be prepared than to have them nibble their way through all our food stuff.

Tonight I'm praying I find a good paying job or we win the lottery so we can move!  I don't think I could handle having mice in the house.


Mama Pea said…
Sounds to me like you've got the best anti-mouse insurance with your daughter's cat! If the cat is an inside and outside cat, it should take care of any that might perchance make it inside. But if you haven't had any mice inside by now, I'd say your house is pretty much mouse proof.
Erin said…
I don't know of any secret potions, pretty much a cat is the golden ticket. My mom was terrified/hated cats but even she knew we had to have a couple on the farm LOL so she dealt with it. Here's a tactic, spread bread crumbs around some OTHER neighbors house, not yours LOL...
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea I hope you are right. But after tonight's entertainment I wonder if the younger cat isn't getting a bit bored catching mice.

Erin I don't need to throw anything in the one neighbours yard cause their yard looks like a dump! Most likely where the mice are coming from.

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