Knitting Now

I've been talking about doing it for a long time.  I've thought about it lots.  I know it's easy to do.  But I finally got the things I needed and sat down with YouTube to find out how to knit my own dishcloths.  I also found out I knit weird.  Continental style knitting looks way faster than what I do so I'll be attempting to learn that next.

And since you all love pictures so much here are a couple.
Here's the start of my dishcloth.

Finished dishcloth.  You can see I've started another on the needles.

It was so easy and we needed some new dishcloths.  I may just make everyone some for Christmas if my hands hold out.  I kept having to stop and stretch my hands because they would start cramping after knitting for awhile.  This should go away soon though.  Plus if I learn the Continental style of knitting I'll get faster.  Right now I take my entire right hand off the needle to drape the wool over the left needle to knit. I guess I English knit but I don't use my index finger the correct way.  Sometimes the needle slips cause I'm not holding it but I learned to keep the end of the needle on my tummy so it would stay put.  Doesn't always work and probably isn't the best way to knit so thanks to YouTube I'll learn Continental style and maybe even how to do the English style correctly.

What style of knitting do you use and who taught you to knit?


Erin said…
I guess I just do the "regular style" LOL... don't worry that index finger thing will come, I had the worst time with it and almost stabbed myself in the eyeball with the needle just to end it all haha but I eventually got it. I got it without noticing too, because I can't remember ever having that "eureka!" moment! The dishcloth looks great, the first photo threw me since it was narrow, did you knit a border separately and then sew it on to the dishcloth?
Sparkless said…
Erin this dishcloth is knitted on the bias (I think that's the right term). So you start at one corner and keep increasing until you reach the middle and then decrease until you reach the other corner.
The border is knitted right along with it. I got it from this you tube video.
Mama Pea said…
You should be really proud of yourself for learning to knit without having someone sitting right beside you!

My grandma taught me how to knit when I was a pre-teen but I never did much with it until I got into college and "everyone" was knitting. Then it stuck and knitting was my thing until I discovered quilting in the mid-90s.

Lately I've had the urge (it happens now and then) to knit and have a hat and a sweater started. Just need (WANT!) to find the time to sit and do more.

My MIL knitting via the Continental method and she could do two stitches for every one of mine as I still "throw" the yarn. But it works for me so that's what I continue to do.

Eager to see more of your dishcloths and any other project you take on. You go, Girl!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, I learned to knit a long time ago and I've done a couple of blankets and sweaters. I keep forgetting how to do basic stuff though so it's great to get back into it with something simple like these dishcloths.

I've done 4 dishcloths so far. You can get one done in an evening so they go quick. I'm working on the sizing to see which size I like best. First one I did was a bit too big, more like a washcloth.

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