Multiplicity of Chores on Lists

I have a list of chores to get done as long as my arm but here I sit messing around on the computer.  I have half a mind to ban myself from the computer until my chores are done.  But then I'd never get to use the computer again because my chores are never done.  As soon as I complete one chore three more pop up that need doing.

I mean really!  It's not like I do nothing all day long so why does it always feel that way?  I start to make a list of things I know I'll get done and then add a few things I hope to get done and then somehow things get added that shouldn't be on that list like renovate the house, fix the garage roof.  You know all the things you "wish" to get done but either don't have the money or the time to do them.

Then my list becomes an insurmountable mountain of tasks that there is no way in hell I'm gonna get done.  Once I recognize this fact the list becomes recycling fodder.  And guess what I do then?  Yup, I start a new list.  LOL!

I love my lists, I really do.  It's just that I can't seem to make one that I'm happy with and then stick to what's on the list.  Even grocery shopping is like that.  I make my list and vow to stick to it.  Once in the grocery store I find things on sale that we buy all the time so I'll pick up this and that and pretty soon I've totally blown my list out of the water.  The list only serves as a reminder of what I "have to" buy not what I'm going to buy. 

Chores get done on a most important first basis.  If I have the energy to clean out the closet or sort through the crap under the kitchen sink then I'll do that if I'm not on the computer, like I am right now, blogging or reading  blogs,

You want to know what I did in total desperation to get the shower clean?  I gave the son the bottle of vinegar water, a cloth, and a tooth brush and told him to get all the grunge off the walls in the shower.  He's never done it before so I figured the first time would be like a challenge for him. So now I have shiny walls again and all the grunge is gone, for now.  Next up is scrubbing the garbage cans out.  I'm sure the kids will enjoy doing that outside with the hose cause it's such a hot day.  May end up in a water fight.  See how much fun scrubbing some garbage cans can be?  Hahahaha!


Erin said…
I can't believe he got in there and scrubbed the shower! See? There is hope! LOL...

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