I bought 20lbs of organic blueberries and boy are they nice and sweet.  Most of them I'm freezing but I need to make a couple of Mama Pea's Blueberry Buckles, one for us and one for my parents.  We'll keep some fresh for eating in our yogurt and putting on our pancakes.  I need to get most of them frozen cause our house is so hot inside and there's not much room in the fridge for them.

And I know how much you all love pictures so here are pictures of my blueberries.

Here is the box of yummy goodness.  I'd already taken out half.

Close up of the sweet blueberries.

I washed and dried them.  Put them on trays and froze them to go in bags.

I wrote this post last Thursday but haven't been able to get it to post.  My computer needs a reformat or it could be the internet/router.  I hope when all the kids go back to school the problem resolves because I dread having to do a reformat.  It just takes so looooooooooong!


Mama Pea said…
Ooooh, those look so good! You'll really appreciate having them in the freezer this winter. Blueberries are really high in antioxidants so that makes them not only yummy but good for us, too!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, that was exactly what I was thinking too. Blueberries are packed with good health.

Now we just need to get a new freezer because our old one is ancient and probably guzzling electricity.
Erin said…
I can never get enough of those! Ours are done in this area sadly :(

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