Self Loathing Can Take a Hike

It has been cooling down at night here.  This is rare in August and I am loving it.  I can sleep at night and I can even sleep with a cover on.  I'm not all sprawled out half clothed on the bed sweating all night and wishing a bucket of ice water would fall on my head.  It's still plenty hot during the day but at night it's cooling down.  I can handle a summer like that.

I have so many chores to do and I'm not making any headway on my list.  This happens to me all the time.  I start to make a list and it gets too big and overwhelming so I kind of give up.  That means little gets done.  You'd think by my advanced age I'd have figured out how to get on with things but nope, I'm still struggling along like a baby.

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever feel happy with all that I get done in a day or will I forever only see all the things I didn't get done and need doing?  That's no way to live.  Oh I can feel myself working up to a big old slump.  If I can't do it all or be happy with what I do then I won't do anything, you know that kind of slump?  What?  You mean you don't have that kind of slump and it's just me?  Oh, now I feel even worse!  Bash, bash, bash!

This weekend I will be kind to myself.  I will be happy with whatever I do and not worry about what I haven't done yet.  I mean really, there's always a mountain of things to do so why not enjoy the valley instead of trying to constantly climb the mountain.  It's pretty right here in this meadow on the side of the mountain.  I think I'll stay here for a bit and enjoy myself.  Self loathing can take a hike.


Mama Pea said…
Praise be, we've been cooled down at night, too. I can't believe how much better I sleep. Neither hubby nor I can tolerate the really hot, humid weather anymore. (That's one of the reasons we moved from Illinois to norther Minnesota!) I just get slow (really slow) and cranky but he gets close to sick if he tries to work outside in it.

I think many of us would be willing to form a YAY, FALL! club this year. Bring it on!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, I'm in for the Fall Club!
Erin said…
i'm in the biggest slump in memory this year, so at least you aren't alone! Glad it's cooling off at night for you :)
Sparkless said…
Erin your hot weather would kill me. I'd be in a permanent slump if I had to deal with those temps and high humidity to boot!

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