Terrible Tomato

What is it with tomatoes?  Does every recipe for summer or healthy eating have to have tomatoes in them?  I mean really some of us can't eat them.  I can eat them when they are cooked down into a sauce but I can't eat them raw.  Most summer recipes include tomatoes and leaving them out when they are the main part of the recipe just doesn't work.

Someone told me to substitute with red peppers but unless you grow red peppers those things are expensive!  Like $5/lb expensive.  So I won't be using red peppers.

Even when they are cooked I have to be careful how much I eat or I'll suffer later.  I'd love to be able to eat tomatoes but I can't and there just don't seem to be many recipes that don't have tomatoes in them.  I think cooks like to use them because they add color to their recipes and look good.  I know they taste good and are good for you too but it seems like tomatoes are a staple and no one knows what to do if they don't have any.  What ever would you do if you have a tomato blight and didn't harvest any or couldn't buy any at the store?

What about the lowly carrot or bean?  How come there aren't more recipes that incorporate those?  I say we make the carrot the new tomato cause I'm sick to death of looking at all those yummy dishes of food with fresh tomatoes scattered in them and knowing I'm not going to be eating any.

Oh and I just found a great site that wrote about making your own green powder with your greens like kale, beet tops etc.  You know all that stuff that no matter how hard you try you just can't eat it all up because of the sheer abundance of them.  I'd never thought about making a green powder that you could add to foods or smoothies.  Such a great idea.  Now all I have to do is buy a food dehydrator.  See there's always a catch to all this healthy eating. (sigh)


Mama Pea said…
You know, I never thought about it because I love tomatoes and don't have any trouble eating them, but you are right! So many "summer" recipes/salads do have tomatoes as an integral ingredient. (Somehow I don't think substituting red pepper would be the same as a tomato!)
Sparkless said…
I don't begrudge people their fresh tomatoes I just think they are overused in recipes for summer. There are a whole other bunch of fresh veggies out there to make use of.
Erin said…
The tomato is a centerpiece for me just because I can grow such big ones here. Corn and beans were definitely present at most every summer dinner when I lived in Minnesota though, and I'm careful not to get too used to those tomatoes since I won't be able to grow the same quantity and size when I move back :)
Sparkless said…
Erin, we can grow tomatoes up here so where is it that you are moving to again? If you get the right variety of tomato plant you should have just as many tomatoes. They may not grow at the same speed as they do where you are.
Erin said…
I'm looking at a zone 3/3a in USDA guidelines, would be about -39ºC in your scale. I have relatives that grow lovely tomatoes up in Fairbanks AK even, but definitely not the profuse 300 lbs+ I get here with no effort. They definitely have to baby theirs and don't have enough to can, mostly for fresh eating so it will be vastly different :) Check out the zones from International Falls, MN to Thunder Bay Ontario to get an idea of where we are hopefully headed. Montana & Idaho would be choices further down the list, we will definitely have to use employment as the final deciding factor :)
Erin said…
LOL I just realized that the F/Cº thing is a moot point at that temperature haha!!!
Sparkless said…
Erin, we are at a 6-7 zone. It gets down to -14C (6.8F). Sometimes it will get a bit colder but that would be the coldest it gets here and that's not often. So I guess we would have much warmer winters here than where you are going.
Man, -39C, is that even possible? Now that is cold. You must love those extreme temps.

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