Cats and Carpets

My daughter's cat is driving me nuts.  He's puking up his food all over my house.  Now at first we figured just fur balls and not to worry.  By about the 2 zillionth time I'm so over trying to get bright mustard yellow cat vomit (the food turns a nasty color it's not bile) off my light green carpet.  We do have floors in the rest of the house so if he would just stay off my carpet!!

I'm not sure what to do with him.  I don't want to take him to the vet and spend all my money because that will mean I have no money for school clothes and supplies.  He doesn't seem sick.  We thought maybe he was gobbling his dry food too fast and when it expanded his stomach couldn't hold it so up it came.  That doesn't seem to be the case because we've limited the amount of food he can eat.  He seems to get sick shortly after eating but not every time he eats.

I'd keep him inside and monitor him closely but he would claw his way outside.  So he still is going outside.  I make sure he has water and there is shade out there for him but it's dang hot out there.  It's 35-40C. 

And then last night to top it all off the other cat puked up some food on my bed!  The husband was in it sleeping and didn't hear a thing.  He also wouldn't get out of bed so I could change the sheets so I had to try to sleep on the couch.  The liquid had seeped right through to the mattress cover and there was no way I was sleeping in cat vomit all night!

So now I'm wondering if the food is no good.  The old cat is also losing fur off her belly.  At first I didn't notice but now it seems strange.  I've checked both cats for fleas and they don't have any at all.  I wonder if there is something outside that they are getting into?  Or maybe the food we are feeding them is no good.  We've been feeding the same food for a couple of years now.  It's an expensive brand of food, not a grocery store brand, but one that is highly recommended by the vet.

I guess I'll have to take away their food for a day and then slowly introduce some new food and see how he does.  The old cat I'll just keep an eye on and see if she has any more problems.

I'm so tired from not sleeping well and now I have to try to figure out how to proceed with this dang cat problem.  Does anyone want a 2 year old male neutered tabby.  My daughter would kill me if I got rid of him but he's been a pain since we got him.  First he was kind of aggressive as a kitten and then got better as he grew up.  The old cat hates him and hisses at him every time she sees him still after 2 years!   Getting him was a mistake but hindsight is 20/20.  If I had known the old cat would hate him and he would grow up to be so much work I would never have got another cat.

Now I'm off to try to learn to knit dish clothes from you tube.  Maybe I can forget all my troubles that way.


Mama Pea said…
Animals can add so much to our lives . . . and then there's the other side of it such as you just posted about. When cats are inside/outside creatures, it's hard to know just what they're eating. Since now both of your cats seem to be having the same problem, it almost seems there IS a problem. Good luck to you in figuring it out. In the meantime, get on those dishcloths!!
Sparkless said…
Well they both seem fine now after we changed their food. I wonder if their expensive cat food wasn't rotten. We always keep it in a closed container so it would have had to go bad before we got it. Or it had something in it not right.

Anyway we've got our fingers crossed that the problem was the food. I'm kinda ticked about it too cause we buy the expensive vet recommended food.
Erin said…
It does sound like they are getting into something outside maybe?

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