How Summer Should Be

It is hot, hot and more hot.  Last night was a nightmare of trying to sleep when my skin felt like it was on fire.  I kept getting up having drinks of cold water and splashing my body with water trying to cool down.  Zero sleep last night.  I feel like I'm suffocating in the heat.

I know there are places suffering worse heat and even drought.  We had a storm last night with a bit of rain but it didn't cool anything down.  I'm frustrated with my house and the total lack of windows to open to let in any of the cooler night air.  Sleeping with fans on all night dries my nose out so bad that I can't breath and it doesn't seem to cool anything down.We don't have the a/c on at night because it is too noisy and we usually don't need it.

My body betrays me when I try to get anything done.  I feel woozy sick.  I sit and wipe my face with a cool washcloth but it doesn't last.  I drink ice water but it doesn't help.  I'm tired, hot and cranky.  This isn't what summer is supposed to be about. 

The kids can't go outside because there is a lack of cool areas in our yard and then there is nothing to do in the yard now that they are teens.  Teens don't play in the yard anymore.  Teens sit in their sweltering hot rooms and play on electronic devices.  Teens now get almost no vitamin D or exercise, at least my teens don't and if I believe what other parents of teens say this is how most teens are.

I have a chore list longer than my arm and I can't muster the energy to go out and in the car to do them.  I don't tolerate the heat well and sometimes when I get really hot I feel dizzy.  Not a good thing to pass out while you are out shopping on your own. 

I feel lifeless and energy- less like a dry husk of bark.  I want this heat to be done for the year.  I want to sleep again.  I hate August with a passion.  It is my least favorite month and I wish I could live somewhere else come August every year. 

Wouldn't it be nice to have a cabin on a lake.  You just jump in the water when you are too hot.  The trees around your cabin keep it cool and the breezes move the air so it's never too hot for long.  You spend your days between lounging on the beach and hiking in the woods.  Meals are quick and either barbecued or cold salads and sandwiches.  Drinks are tall and frosty.  And you have the most comfortable chair in the shade with a little table beside you to hold your books, drink and sunscreen.  No electronic devices for your kids who spend their days getting brown in the sun and strong and lean from all the exercise and fun they are having swimming and hiking.  Now that's how summer should be!


Erin said…
I had to giggle because although I love a good cabin, it also brings to mind incessant mosquitoes and biting flies LOL! I am over this heat too and ready for fall!
Sparkless said…
Here we have mosquitoes and black flies but if you get a stiff breeze they only come out at dawn and dusk. So my dream comes mostly bug free.
2 Tramps said…
With you 100% - hate August. They should get rid of August! Can't wait for winter - have my books all picked out ready to sit by the fire and read!!
Sparkless said…
2 Tramps I forgot to add the sitting around a campfire in the evening that keeps the bugs away. Good thing for us August is half way done!
Mama Pea said…
Ha! You and I have the same dream of the cabin on the lake! Mine will be on the end of a windy point so that there will be no biting insects! I've never found anything as relaxing for me as being stretching out prone on a dock sticking out into the water and listening to the waves lapping the shore. Unfortunately, to date I've spent very, very little time in a situation like that!!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, with your big garden you'd be hard pressed to find a time you could get away to visit a cabin on a lake. But you have a pond and a beautiful piece of property so it's almost as good.

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