I am both sad and happy that it is raining tonight.  I'm happy because it has been so hot and dry and everything needs a good drink.  I'm sad because this is the last night the kids and husband are camping.  I just hope they know enough to put things away at night and cover their picnic table with a tarp.  They don't have a cover to go over the table so if it rains they are pretty much stuck in the tent with no cover from the rain other than the truck.  They borrowed my dad's truck because it would have taken two trips for them to get all the gear to the camp site.

When we camped as kids we always set up a tarp over the table so if it rained you could still sit and play cards or read.  Plus you could still cook and eat.  Lucky for the kids the husband brought muffins for a couple of breakfasts.  They are only gone for three nights.  I hope the thunder and lightening makes the camping more fun since they are leaving tomorrow morning before 11am. 

It sounds like the storm is pretty much over now so not a very long or intense one.  Hopefully everything will dry out before they have to pack up or we'll be spreading it all out on the lawn to dry it before packing it away for next year.

The campsite they went to is only about 20 minute drive from where we live.  It's this little lake that's up a long mountain road.  There are no showers but they do have flush toilets there now, a big improvement over the pit toilets.  They even have a playground installed and many hiking trails.  It's a great place to tent because it's less expensive than the campgrounds with hook-ups for RV's and the campsites are private with trees around each one so you aren't too close to your neighbours.  Plus because it's small and you can walk from your campsite to the beach.  There are no power boats allowed on this lake because it is so small so it's quiet.

After three nights I'm getting a bit bored of my own company and am looking forward to hearing all the fun things they've been up to.  Hopefully they took some pictures.


Erin said…
I can't wait to read your update on this, I bet the kids came back with stories about the rain and that they forgot to put a tarp up LOL!
Sparkless said…
Erin they didn't come home with many stories but I'll make a post of what they did tell me.

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