Thinking about being environmental today.  I think my family does pretty well as we have one of what most people have two or more of.  For example we have only one car.  The husband walks to work and I work at home so we don't drive it often.  We have only one bathroom even though I consider this a bad thing for me it's a good thing for the environment.  We have only one tv and only one cell phone that the husband and I share.

Our car, cell phone and bathroom are all 10 years old or over (the bathroom is much older but I don't know how much older).  Our tv was replaced at Christmas because our old one's picture was getting really poor.  The car is making a weird sound and we'll have to fix it soon before it stops working but there is no money for that right now.  The bathroom doesn't work well at all and if you have been reading this blog you'll know my problems with the bathroom.

I have been considering getting a new cell phone because the one we have isn't holding a charge very long anymore.  I will probably give the old cell phone to our 14 year old son to use though so it won't go to the garbage.  He can buy cards for it with his own money and will quickly learn how expensive it is to have a cell phone.  He's pretty cheap so I'm sure it won't last long in his hands and will be forgotten in a drawer in his room.

Cell phones today are a mass of options and I get overwhelmed thinking about them.  I'd love to have one with a good camera and other goodies on it but that costs more money so I'm sure we'll end up with just a basic model.  We don't use it often but the husband needs it for work calls or he'd have to stay home all the time or miss getting called for shifts so the cell comes in very handy for him.  I like it for when I go out during the day for just in case there is a problem with one of the kids at school.  But the cell phone rarely rings.

We also live in a very small house which lowers our footprint even more.  I whine lots about living in this very small house and I'm sure you would too if you lived here.  The only good thing about it is that I can brag of a small ecological footprint.  Ya, I know it's not much to brag about but I'm going to do it anyway cause it's all I've got. 


Kate said…
I sometimes wonder how I lived without one. It is scary how much i rely on it now.

Kate xx
Sparkless said…
I know. Even though our cell hardly ever rings it's the knowing it's there just in case that makes it an essential now.

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