Saint Patrick's Day

Top of the morning to you.  I see you aren't wearing green so I get to punch you in the arm.  Remember when you were kids and you waited all year to do that to someone on St. Paddy's Day?  It was either that or to give them the birthday bumps.  The birthday bumps was when you stood behind the person, held them by the arms and bumped your knee into their bum, hopefully not too hard.  There was also the Royal bumps which was when four people each took an arm or leg and would raise and lower the birthday person up and down so their bum would hit the ground.  You had to do this as many times as their age plus one for good luck.  It was a violent time when I was growing up. 

Now you aren't even allowd to touch each other in elementary school.  They can't even play games like pat'a cake cause that means they have to touch someone else.  It's a bit silly but I guess they have to draw the line somewhere.

My kids haven't grown up with these silly customs but I did.  I haven't passed them on to them except as verbal folk lore.  They think it's funny but would never consider actually doing these things.  They are much too busy playing video games where they can virtually kill and maim people than to actually touch someone in real life.

I think I'll go out in the yard and search for some four leaf clovers tomorrow.  If I find one I'll know for sure I'll win the lottery.  Or maybe that's just a load of old blarney.


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