I want to restart today.  I want to get out of bed with energy and zing.  I want to feed myself a wonderful healthy breakfast instead of the coffee I had.  I want a do over!

It's almost noon here and I haven't got a thing done.  I'm still in my jammies.  Come on, lets get going.  My umph has got up and left.  It doesn't help that the husband is home today.  He goes around doing stuff and never once consults me.  It's like I'm not even there.  He just went out grocery shopping.  Didn't even ask if I wanted to come or even consult with me about what he is buying.  He never buys stuff anyone else can cook or the kids will eat.  I have to go shopping again after him cause he just buys stuff like meat for supper.  It's like breakfast and lunch don't exist to him cause he's totally focused on suppers.  Healthy snacks aren't on his list either.

I wonder what he'll bring back.  Most likely a few packages of hamburger.  I've totally gone off hamburger.  It just doesn't seem to agree with my digestion anymore.  It just sits in my stomach like a big old rock.  We buy lean or extra lean hamburger too so it's not the fat.  They must be doing something to that meat. 

At least I went shopping while the son was at violin lessons and picked up some things to eat for the kids and me.  Now if I could just get up enough energy to get in that kitchen and make some of them, I may feel more energy.    Okay, I'm getting up now and going to eat something good.  Then I'm going outside and stare at all the work that needs to be done in the yard.  Then I'm going to plunk my butt on the couch and  stare at the walls a bit.  Sounds like a full afternoon to me.


Erin said…
Same deal here! I always manage to get in the shower and get dressed early, but I've been wandering around the house and getting nothing done. The kids are playing in their room thankfully since it's windy and gray outside but I haven't had any energy for almost a week now and I'm tired of being tired! Wonder what's up?
Mama Pea said…
It's something in bloggerland air. We're all feeling it to some extent. (I hope we're not catching it from one another!)

When I'm like this I have to play games with myself. When I have a job I don't want to do, I tell myself I need to go start it and if it feels just awfulbadterrible to be doing it I can stop. Know what happens? I usually find the task goes pretty well and I'm done with it before I know it. Ah, yes, the way we fool ourselves!

Now I am going to fool myself into thinking I will actually LIKE the job of separating the meat from the bones of the two roosters I just finished stewing!
judy said…
meat-who can afford meat?-----jk i am cooking for 11 again all weekend---i can usually manage to think of what to do about supper-tacos-spaghetti and so on but breakfast and lunches, OMG --THAN SCHOOL ONLY LASTS 6 MORE WEEKS----LOTS OF PB AND J---I THINK THAT SOMEONE WE ALL LOVE TO HEAR FROM IS RIGHT----SUNSHINE--ESPECIALLY HERE IN MN. WE ARE SURE LACKING
Sparkless said…
It must be something in the air or just spring is sucking the life out of us all! Darn that spring anyway. Can't she just come in slowly and not wallup us so hard so fast. Things are growing wildly in my gardens and I haven't the energy to weed or plant anything yet.

It was raining today so that's my excuse.

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