I'm Exhausted

I'm exhausted, but from what I have no idea.  We don't do lots of running around during the holidays.  Maybe it's from all the sitting.  It's been icy outside so I haven't been going out much.  I need to get out and stretch my legs because this house is so tiny it's impossible to get any exercise here.  If we had the room I'd get myself a treadmill.  But there is no where to put it.

Christmas was quiet as we like it.  Since our kids were small we've tried to keep Christmas low key.  We always do Christmas morning at home.  We make sure they eat and drink properly before diving into present opening.  Now that they are teens some of the excitement has been lost plus it's so much harder to find a gift that will wow them.  Then I think it shouldn't really be all about the gifts anyway so I don't stress over them too much.

We only have a bit of snow, just enough to cover the ground.  It's plenty cold enough but there is no precipitation so no snow.  Then when it does snow shortly after it warms up or rains and melts all the snow.

The husband bought security cameras for outside which would be really cool if he put them up properly.  He put one up today and you can see mostly the roof.  You can't see the sidewalk or front door.  I haven't gone outside to see where he put the thing but I can tell you that he's going to have to move it because I don't need to see cars going by my house I need to see the sidewalk and the front of our house.  The night vision does work pretty well though.  I can even see a few random snowflakes coming down.

The big excitement on Christmas day was that my mom fell on some ice outside their house and broke her wrist.  Poor thing spent the day in the ER and then had to have surgery where they put 5 pins in her wrist.  We planned on having Christmas supper at my parents house and since the turkey was already roasting and everyone had started on their side dishes we just went up and had Christmas supper with my dad.  It was sad that mom couldn't be there because she was the one who did most of the work for it. 

The hospital sent her home around 8pm Christmas evening.  They sure don't keep people in the hospital long anymore.  She was in good spirits though and wanted to visit with everyone while she got to eat a turkey sandwich and some home-made peppermint ice cream.  The bad thing is she was scheduled for knee replacement surgery in February and her wrist won't be healed enough by then so it will put her knee surgery back.  Plus the wrist she broke is her right one.  She broke her pinkie finger falling a few years back and had to have surgery to repair that so she knows how to get things done with her left hand at least.

I'm sure she must be feeling very frail but anyone can fall on ice.  When she broke her pinkie she tripped on some uneven paving stones.  Anyone could have tripped on them.  The problem when you are in you 70's is that you don't just bruise yourself you break your bones.  We joked with her that we are getting her a walker for Christmas so she doesn't fall down anymore.  I think she'd just like to get on with life.  She had her hip replaced a few years ago and really didn't want to have her knee done but if she doesn't she can't get around like she wants to.  She is still really active so these falls and joint replacements are hard for her to deal with.

The good thing is her hip joint they replaced wasn't damaged in the fall.  I'm going to do some bone broth soup for her and do some research on what herbs are good to help bones heal quickly.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas or whatever they celebrate during this holiday season.  We are looking forward to the new year and all the fabulous things it could bring.


Mama Pea said…
Comfrey is super-good for healing bones if you could get it in some form this time of year. It grows rampantly in the garden but, sigh, it's not the season for that. Maybe a capsule in powdered form? Or even some comfrey tea would help.

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