The Tree is Up

I thought I'd make it a formal announcement because usually we don't put our tree up until a week before Christmas but his year it's up over two weeks before.  The reason we don't put our tree up too early is because we always get a real tree.  Our house is very dry when it's cold and the trees dry out quickly even though we keep the stand filled with water and do all the things they tell you to keep your tree fresh.

This year I had money saved from my birthday and I was going to get the best tree not the cheapest one.  I didn't care how much it cost as long as I had enough money in my pocket.  We went with a shorter cultured Fir tree this year.  Usually we don't buy the cultured trees because they are so much more expensive but this year they were actually fairly inexpensive at $40 for a 5 foot one.  The last couple of years they have been $50 and up.

We put our tree on a small table so we can put presents under the table and save space in our small living room.  You don't notice the tree is short either because it stands a full 6-7 feet tall.  I must say that it is the prettiest tree we've had.  It is so perfect it looks like a fake tree.

You would think that living in BC we could just go out into the woods and chop a tree down but that is illegal.  You can only cut trees down under powerlines.  There is a tree farm but it's almost an hour drive away and our car won't fit a tree inside it with all of us.  So we go to the local ball park where a charity group is selling trees.  It's only a few blocks away from where we live so we can carry the tree home and it gives us the feel of getting out in nature and getting our tree.

Now I just need to get wrapping so there will be more presents under the tree.  And there is the baking to do still too.  I'm almost done my shopping.  I still need a couple of small items for the kids' stockings but I can pick those up anytime. 

I'm feeling pretty good about Christmas this year even if my family is a bunch of grumps.


Mama Pea said…
Your tree IS beautiful! It looks like it's almost perfectly shaped.

We have to get a small tree (smaller than yours!) each year because it has to go on the end of a cabinet in the kitchen. I thought when we finally got the living room done, I'd have room for a stand-on-the-floor tree but with the wood stove in there that heats that end of the house, no room for a tree. I keep telling myself a smaller tree is much easier to decorate . . . and that is a definite advantage.

Thanks for sharing the picture of your tree.
That's a gorgeous tree! Nicely decorated too and I bet it smells heavenly.
Birdie said…
Your tree looks beautiful. We actually have a very nice artificial tree but we keep buying a fresh one. My dad lives on his own property but laws in BC prevent him from cutting trees on his own lot. I guess this is the reason we live in such a green province.
Sparkless said…
Thanks Mama Pea. A smaller tree is definitely less work and looks just as good as a larger one.

Thanks Debra. It does smell wonderful.

Birdie I didn't know you can't cut trees down on your own property in BC. I wonder if it matters what your property is zoned for or something?
Fake trees may be easier but they take storage space that we don't have and a real tree can be composted so it's environmentally friendly.
The Happy Whisk said…
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Sparkless said…
Welcome Happy Whisk and thanks. Wow that's a long time to have a Christmas tree up or do you decorate it for Halloween and then switch? That would be kind of cool. Anyway just wanted to say hi and sorry about the word verification, I don't have any control over it.

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