I live in a Cabin

At least that's what my dad said.  We are ripping out plaster and lath walls to remodel a bedroom and he was shocked at how poorly built this house is.  He said that older homes like this one were usually well built but not this one.  We found only air and dust between the walls.  Oh, and the knob and tube wiring!!!!

What really bugs me about the knob and tube is that the electrical box is new and the wiring off that is new.  Somewhere hidden they have connected the new electrical to the old knob and tube so people would think the house has newer wiring.  ACK!

So all my dreams, well I exaggerate, but a big chunk of my dreams for light fixtures and new electrical outlets will not come about.  Instead we will have to leave much of the knob and tube because it's too difficult to rewire without ripping apart the entire house.  Plus some of the wiring has been done weirdly for some reason and it's best not to mess with it unless you are an electrician.  So we are going to put in a light fixture in the ceiling.  The bedroom had no central ceiling fixture.  And one more electrical outlet since that room only had two.  The wiring for all of the above will be new and up to code.  I just really wish we had the money to call in an electrician to get all of this sorted properly but it would cost thousands of dollars and this house isn't worth the money or effort since it's built like a cabin!

So far the plaster lath has been torn out of the room and the old ceiling panels taken down.  What we found was an old plaster ceiling that we are going to leave alone and just put drywall over it. The old window on the porch has been taken out and the new window on the outside wall has been installed.  Makes more sense to have a window outside than on an enclosed porch which is the main entrance to the house.

The men are working on the electrical today.  Right now they are shopping for supplies.  It took them awhile to devise a plan for the electrical work.  I just hope they can manage it.  The husband will have to crawl around under the house in the crawlspace where the spiders and dirt is.  LOL!

We still aren't sure about the flooring but since hardwood is all the rage and will increase the value of the house we'll probably do that at some point.  Right now the Berber carpet is okay but after all the plaster and dirt gets ground into it I'm sure we'll be ripping it out.

I still haven't uploaded my pictures from the camera yet.  But I will and will post some pictures of the renov soon.


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