Wisps and Ghosts

I've been feeling rather alone.  It was something that came over me the other day.  I yell and the breeze takes my voice off with her and no one hears.  Not that I've got anything important or interesting to say it's the type of alone where you feel slightly scared like no one hears you even though you are talking.  I feel like a ghost.

I've lost my sensation of touch.  My vision is blurred and everything around me whirrs at a fantastic speed.  I can't keep up.  I don't even know I want to keep up I only know I feel wispy and lost.

I reach out and feel the edge but my touch slips away from me again.  I can't grasp those near.  Instead I simply sit and wait, a wispy ghost, lost in the wind.


awitchtrying said…
This post is a bit sad. I really relate to it, though. I have been single for six years now and I've just recently started to feel lonely. I have great friends who are very supportive but I still have my life to deal with on my own and some days all I can do after work is lay on my bed and pet my cats because I'm so overwhelmed by the day and the day-to-day that I have very little energy left. You are not alone. I believe there is a universal loneliness on the planet now because something inside of us all is waking up and realizing we all need each other. At least,that's what I hope it is.
Sparkless said…
I hope so too.

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