Still Waiting

I'm still waiting for this endless renovation to be finished.  Our room still needs baseboards on one wall and molding around the door and closet.  The closet door needs to be sanded and painted and all the baseboards need a coat of paint.  Upstairs the walls are not complete and there is no door yet.  Also the porch wall needs to be finished.  Oh and the hallway and kitchen needs new flooring and the toilet still needs to be replaced!

And the kitten has walked on my keyboard so many times that he's messed things up and I have no idea how to fix them.   At one point when I typed I was getting accents on certain letters.  I don't know how that fixed itself but it did so I can post again.

Shhhh don't tell anyone but I'm home all alone.  The husband is off at work and the kids are at their grandparents house.  I should be doing a million things but I'm sitting here still in my jammies.

Edited to add:  I went shopping to get groceries and guess what wasn't working?  It wasn't the car, thank goodness but the next most important thing in this heat wave we are having, the air conditioning isn't working.  I almost roasted alive in that car.   Add that along with the three million other things that we need to get fixed but can't afford to.  sigh

Big news is our new bed came in.  Unfortunately it almost didn't fit down our hallway.  The husband had to move the fridge and in the processed tore the kitchen floor up really badly so now it needs to be replaced.  AHHHHHHHHH!  Can't anything just go right for once?  Why is it anytime we attempt to improve one thing four other things break and need replacing?  It's very discouraging.

But for now I'm going to swan about my house enjoying the quiet and luxury of not having to do anything for anybody but myself.


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