More Renovation Pictures

It's taken five full days to rip out all the plaster lath walls, rewire, add in a ceiling light and switch, take out the old windows and put in a new one, insulate, put up drywall and start the mudding and taping.  We still have lots to go but here are the pics so far.

Here's what we found under the ceiling tiles.  Someone had covered the plaster ceiling and there used to be a light but they took it out.  We aren't taking out the old plaster ceiling.  We just covered it up with drywall.

Here's a picture of the gutted room.  On the left you can see some plaster lath.  Someone filled in an opening on that wall and didn't take out all the plaster.  Plus they put in these horizontal boards to make up for the depth.  Too bad none of it was level so it took the guys a long time to shim and attempt to get the wall level enough to attach the drywall.

Here's a picture of the window with all it's trim on.  Now we just have to fill nail holes and paint the trim.

First piece of drywall going up.

Room almost finished drywalling.  I'm standing on the porch taking the picture from the old window hole.  They still need to stud in the hole, insulate, and drywall that entire wall.  Oh, and finish the porch wall up after.

Here they are finally filling in the gap left from the old windows.

Putting up the final piece of drywall.  And yes it was very hot and both guys were covered in sweat.  It was 40C today.

Here's a view of the room from the doorway after they had finished up closing up the old window hole and drywalling.  They started to mud and tape too.  We still have finish work to do on the inside of the window too.

That's as far as they got doing Monday to Friday working 6-8 hour days.  I know professionals can do it faster but it's cheaper to do it yourself plus you learn  a lot that way too.

Don't even ask what color we are going to paint the room.  I haven't even got that far yet.  I did get a clam shell fixture for the ceiling light.  It's not very pretty and not really what I wanted but we don't have much choice in this small town so I thought I'd pick something as neutral as possible.

We are off to buy something for supper cause neither of us feel like cooking in this heat.


Capital Mom said…
Wow, that looks like a lot of work!
Sparkless said…
It was a huge amount of work. I'd advise anyone who had plaster lath in their houses not to renovate, just move or light a match!

We'll be living with the dust for months.

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