It's the Olympics, eh!

I've been watching the Olympics mostly because it's in my province but nowhere near where I live. What really makes me wonder is why every time I turn on my news they are reporting some stupid disaster or other that went wrong at the Olympics. This is our own media doing this. It's giving me a real sour taste in my mouth.

When I watched other Olympics I don't remember our media ever being that negative about the host country. Why do they have to report over and over on every little detail that goes wrong? I'm sure every Olympic host country has had many difficulties and problems but why dwell on them? What's the point on going on and on over a fence? And I'm sorry people but here in Canada we can't control the weather yet so if we have to postpone some races or can't give all the training times to everyone well too dang bad! I'm a lapsed Canadian cause I'm not going to say "I'm sorry" cause I'm not! Why should I be polite to a bunch of whining babies that expect perfection? And the whining babies I'm talking about are the ones who live in Canada.

And just so you know Canadians may be polite but inside our heads we are saying exactly what you think we are saying. Like when we say "you're welcome" we really mean "f'off and leave me alone." Or when we say "have a nice day" what we're really saying in out heads is "I hope your day is as shitty as mine." And best of all when one more person says "Wow you Canadians really are polite" we nod, smile and think "stick it up your hiney and climb back in whatever hole you climbed out of." Yup we may be polite but you don't want to mess with what's in our heads or we may just feed you to a polar bear wearing a toque, dancing on a glacier drinking a beer. Yes, bears love beer, didn't you know that? That's why they eat people, to get to the beer. Naw, I'm just kidding we really are a nice bunch here in Canada. And just to prove it I'm inviting you over to my igloo to watch a hockey game and drink beer. You can snowshoe over here in no time at all, just look out for the bears.


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