I'm going to smash Little Hitler in the face! This woman drives me nuts. She complains she's doing too much but then attempts to take over and do everything. We have a committee to do up a manual for the club I'm a board member of. We have a couple of templates we are using. So at the meeting today she conveniently forgets to bring both the templates. Then she says she is working on the manual and will get it done like the rest of us are not even there. Um, there are three more people on the committee and we are here to work so why are you doing everything?

I've attempted to get the work divided up so that everyone does something but this woman is such a control freak. I'm the secretary and have alot of the info already and she acts like she is doing everything up from scratch which she isn't. She takes annoying to that next level.

And then she asks this other woman for stuff that she knows that I have. Plus it's stuff that I e-mailed her long ago and also is stored at our club e-mail. I'm not sure what her problem is but I'm over it. I'm done. I am off that board. I'm not doing another thing there and I hope to hell my daughter doesn't want to attend that sport next year cause I sure don't want to go there anymore.

Why do people have to always be such assholes? What is it that makes them unable to play nice with other people? She complains when no one does anything and when someone tries she blocks you at every turn. ACK!

I know how to deal with people like her I just don't like doing it. I hate having to stroke her ego all the time and be ran over by her whenever she feels like it. I could say so much more but I'm going to let if go now. I'm going to pretend like it never happened and she's not a problem. Ohmmmm

There I feel better already.


Kate said…
Ouch sounds like hell. Good luck putting up with her!

Kate xx
Capital Mom said…
She sounds like the person that will never be happy because it will always be about control for her.

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