So I've had 999 views of my blog. It's gonna turn over sometime tomorrow and most likely only when I make a new post so anyone who is following me on blogger will get that new post notification. I love that blogger can do that for us. I don't have to scroll through hundreds... well maybe not hundreds but lots and lots of blogs looking to see if they have posted anything new.

I'd love to be able to offer the 1000 viewer a wonderful prize but instead he or she will have to do with just reading this and having the satisfaction of knowing that he or she was the 1000 person to visit my blog.

I have a board meeting tomorrow night and I've vowed that I will keep my mouth shut and my head down to avoid any notice. I'll let the idiots scrap it out without my peace keeping. I just want to make it through the meeting without a headache. Oh and joy of joys the very next morning I have another meeting with a committee from the same board. Not looking forward to that at all but once again I'm vowing to keep my mouth shut and my head down. I'm not going to say anything helpful or useful.

I'll most likely be hitting the liquor store shortly as I'll be in need of large quantities of alcohol after these meetings. Or maybe I should just drink it all before the meeting. But then I'd never be able to keep my mouth shut and would get into all sorts of trouble spouting my opinions of people and they way they do stuff. Oh I can see it now! I'd tell off the head coach and remind him who he's working for as he seems to forget that all the time and insists on telling us what our jobs are supposed to be even if he doesn't seem to have a clue what his is. I'd most likely go after Little Hitler and ask her for a full accounting of all the books or I'm calling for an audit. That wouldn't go over too well so I'm going to save the booze for afterwards. It's a small town and pissing people off no matter what kind of idiot they are is never a good idea. So if Tuesday or Wednesday evening I post something totally incoherent you'll understand why.

And thank you to who ever my 1000 viewer is. It's so much more fun to write this blog when I know a couple of people may actually enjoy reading it. So cheers!


Capital Mom said…
Maye it was me! :-)
MarmiteToasty said…
:) I have come to claim my prize lol I would like a donkey please, oh and a couple of acreas to put it on :)

Sparkless said…
Can't tell if which one of you it was so thank you to both of you for helping my blog reach it's 1000 view milestone!!

A donkey Marmite?!!! Whatever would you do with a donkey? Don't you already have a bunch of sons? Wasn't that stubborn enough for you? LOL!
Kate said…
OH congrats! Well deserved :)

Kate xx

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