Not a Good Day

The husband and daughter are off skiing today with the school. The husband had to call in sick to get the day off which he rarely does. Well his work calls to book him for some shifts this weekend and I of course forgot about him calling in sick so I blurt out he's skiing today. But then I covered with saying oops it's my daughter who is skiing, the husband is sick in bed. Then she asks if he can make any shifts this weekend which he can't because he works every weekend at his other job so I told her he was already booked at his other job.

I cooked my son's birthday cake way too long because the timer didn't work properly. I bashed my leg on the tub and have a huge painful bruise on it that hurts every time I move. My son is having two boys over tonight for a sleep over and supper. We barely have enough room in this house for the four people who live her never mind add a couple more. Sheesh!

And to top it off tomorrow the dreaded In-Laws are coming for lunch. We'll have to come up with a birthday gift for the Father-In-Law because they always come on my son's birthday and expect to celebrate their grandson's, son's and FIL's birthday all at once because they are all so close together. The daughter asked me why they never come on her birthday and I told her I didn't know to ask them. They don't come on my birthday either.

Then as if having two boys all night and the In-Laws the next day we are having my family over after supper for cake. The over cooked cake that is cooling and not looking very yummy. I wonder if I have enough time to bake another?

Next year I am not inviting anyone over here for any reason! Our house is too small and we have to move all sorts of things around to fit people in. Then everyone is squashed into our very small living room and no one really has a good time. Maybe we should buy alot of booze and slip it into their drinks? That might make things more fun. It's not like we all don't get along it's just being so squished into such a small area makes people uncomfortable not to mention the wooden chairs that they have to sit on. It doesn't make for a fun evening for anyone least of all me as I'm stuck on clean up duty afterwards.

I don't have a car all day today because the husband too it skiing. Did I tell you he still hasn't got our son a birthday present yet? Yup, he's an idiot. I made him in charge of presents this year and I'm doing the cake cause everyone always compliments him on the cake and I do all the work and get zippo. This year I'll get the compliments and he can get the zip. See how he likes it. It's not like his cakes are anything great either just a cake mix.

I'm sure I'll have something to say by Sunday if I survived the weekend.


Capital Mom said…
I hope you make it through the weekend! And that the cake is yummy. :-)
Capital Mom said…
I hope you make it through the weekend! And that the cake is yummy. :-)
Sparkless said…
Thanks Capital Mom. I made the cake but have yet to ice it.

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