Valentine's Day is Over

So the big day came and went. The husband gave me some assorted flowers, no red roses. I'd have loved some orange tea roses but he wouldn't remember the 500 times I've told him that. I gave him a lovely card and a tin of passion cookies. These cookies have chocolate in the middle and are to die for! I got a simple "thanks for the card and cookies" as my thanks. I gave the same in return except I didn't get a card.

The husband did make a meal we haven't had for a long time, Sweet and Sour Chicken with rice. It was delicious. He also made a chocolate cake from scratch but the man really needs to use a recipe and time his cakes better because they are always tasteless and dry. We had to put ice cream on top to make up for the dryness.

That was the entire day. No sweet snuggles on the couch, no "I love yous", no walks hand in hand and no afternoon delight. Just the same old same old except for some flowers and a "Happy Valentine's Day." I find it all to be pretty empty really. If all one does is go out and get a meaningless gift or card what's the point? I'd prefer something more personal like some time spent together or a special outing, without the kids.

If Valentine's Day is for lovers then I guess old married people should forget about it. Or at least any woman who has a husband like mine should. I dream of the man who would whisper that he loved me more than when we first met or that I'm still beautiful or even that he can't believe how lucky he was to make me fall in love with him. Those are the words every woman wants to hear and they are worth more than any stupid rose, diamond or fancy supper. The way to a woman's heart is not through your pocket book but simply by making her feel appreciated and beautiful with your words and actions. So all you guys out there pay attention I just gave you the best advise you'll ever get about women. Now if I could only teach my husband that I'd be the happiest woman on the planet.


Capital Mom said…
Words of love are the best. Better than gifts.

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