Stuff and Valentine's Day

I made it through both meetings! I didn't explode, I didn't hit anyone and most importantly I kept my dang mouth shut! The reason for the mouth shut is that I have learned from past experience that no one on this board wants to hear anything that makes good sense. All they want to do is blah, blah, blah and then go home. The head coach on the other hand wants to whine and bitch about everyone instead of working on solutions for problems. He is the problem.

Unfortunately my son is no longer dating his first girlfriend. I know it wasn't going to last long but it really had a short shelf life of less than a week. Being the good mom that I am he was able to tell me that they decided that they didn't really want to date each other after all. He's not crushed but more embarrassed. He has no idea what it means to have a girlfriend or be in a relationship. At his age (14) he's best off just working on his hygiene and social skills, and of course his school work.

It feels like spring here! There is no snow on the ground and the weather is so warm I'm sure the plants and trees are going to start budding soon. I've thought about getting out into the garden to do some clean up but I'm positive that if I do that we'll get hit with a snow storm. On second thought I think I just may do some gardening and even wash the car! That should bring on a blizzard for sure!

Valentine's Day is almost here. Usually I'm the one who makes all the effort and buys a nice gift for the husband. I've learned that no matter how much effort, energy and thought I put into his gift doesn't mean he'll ever do the same for me. So I've toned it down. I'll print him a card off the computer at the last minute. I may or may not get him a gift, depends on my mood of the day. If I get something good and he doesn't then let him see how it feels cause I've already been there and done that.

What is it with Valentine's Day being hijacked? Valentine's Day is supposed to be for lovers or couples sharing a romantic love. It's not about parents and kids we have tons of holidays for that. So where the heck did my kids get the idea that I'm going to get them something for Valentine's Day? Sheesh! Greedy little buggers just had Christmas and one had a birthday, what more do they want? Seems they expect candy and cake from mom and dad on Valentine's Day. I wonder if either one will think to get their parent's anything? Not likely!


Kate said…
Hmmmm I remember when I was young I used to get cards in my mothers handwriting without stamps. The when i hit puberty and started getting boyfriends they all disappeared! The joys of teenage ego stroking.

Kate xx
Sparkless said…
What a great mom you have Kate! I can't wait to read about what you did for Valentine's Day.

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