We Don't Decorate Eggs

The kids have out grown decorating eggs so we've done away with it although I kinda miss it.  I don't like to eat the hard boiled eggs so no point in making them and throwing them away just for me.  I have pictures of our crocuses in bloom outside but I can't get my computer to download them from the camera.  Ah, the joys of having an idiot for a husband.  He constantly messes around with the computer and doesn't have a clue what he's done or how to fix it.  Big sigh

It's beautiful and sunny here and perfect for all those outside Easter egg hunts.  We did fill up the kids' Easter baskets with some fun stuff and chocolate.  The husband doesn't believe in getting anything for his wife so I don't bother getting him anything anymore.  It's sad to hear every holiday from him "We aren't getting anything for each other, right?" 

I'm making sure to tell my daughter to stay away from men who don't buy some kind of present on holidays.  It wouldn't be bad if he did other things to celebrate holidays but he doesn't.  He would not do anything for holidays if it were up to him.  It would just be another day.  I'm tired of "another day".  Holidays and all the prep work for them are what makes them fun and special and remembered.

My sister has re-invited us to her house for supper.  I guess her guy changed his mind about having people over.  It wasn't the younger sister not wanting to come that had my older sister cancel at all.  It was her guy who didn't want anyone over and then changed his mind.  I wish I could have come up with an excuse not to go because I really don't want to go there for supper now.  I'd much rather curl up in bed and read a book with a drink. 

We found out today the garage roof is leaking and badly in need of repair.  Since the hubby is not able to do anything himself and we can't afford to pay someone to fix it I think he should just tear the dang garage down and buy one of those metal sheds to store his stuff in.  You can't park a car in the garage cause it's too narrow.  I think it was built that way because it started out at a carport with no walls so it could be narrow.  Then someone enclosed it.  It also has a flat roof which makes it leak and difficult to shingle.  That flame on roofing is way too expensive so we'd have to do roll shingles and that doesn't last long with the extreme heat we get.  So I think either putting a peaked roof on the garage or tearing it down make more sense.  But then you can't really talk sense to my husband cause he makes no sense at all!

Later tonight after supper I'll try to figure out how to get those pictures off the camera and onto here.  I took them specially to post here.  Oh and I noticed our primroses are leafing too so they should be in flower soon.  I really need to clean out the gardens but my back is not strong enough for all that bending over.  I can do about 10 min and then I have to go sit down for the rest of the day.  If I kneel on my knees too long they hurt too.  Dang I need some really good pain medications and a trainer or I'm never going to get anything accomplished!


Erin said…
I've always done an Easter Egg hunt in the back yard but this is the first year I haven't done it, I don't think the boys are too upset LOL, although they kept asking as if they didn't believe me that I really wasn't doing it. No Easter baskets either this year. We did however, do the annual Peep Shoot LOL! That garage issue is frustrating...

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