I can't quite believe this and because I can't believe it I have to post about it.  Yes, it's another stupid husband story so if you are tired of those skip this one.

Our garage roof is flat.  It has been leaking for several years.  We can't afford to fix it so we have been putting a tarp over it until we can.  So stupid husband takes the tarp off.  He doesn't put a new one on nor does he fix the roof.  It has been pouring rain for the past several days.  I went out to the garage to get something to find that it has leaked all over a bunch of stuff stupid husband has left in the garage.

He knew the roof leaked in this certain spot.  He even cleaned that area up and dumped all the toys and things that had accumulated water.  Know what he did with all that stuff?  Yup, he put it all back in the same place that leaks. Now it's all drenched again.  Some of it are things like expensive mountain bikes, a razor skooter, a metal wagon, roller blades, and other kids toys.  The kids still use all these items and although we got most of them second hand they were all still in good shape and could have been resold.  Not now.  Everything is rusty and water damaged.

I can't understand how someone can be so stupid.  It is beyond anything I can even comprehend.  Even when I told the husband that the roof was leaking badly he didn't bother to go out and check on things.   I moved things around a bit and put a couple of buckets where the leak was coming from.  My back has been in bad shape the last week or so and bending to move things is extremely painful so I can't do it.  The stupid husband knows this.  He is so careless with his things.  He doesn't even wash the car.  If he washes the car and waxes it once a year he thinks he's done a great job.  I'm so sick of him basically wrecking everything we own because he's too lazy and stupid to take care of anything.  If anything gets done it's because I've either done it, or had someone else do it.  It's like there isn't a brain cell firing in his head at all.  He's not capable of thinking more than 5 minutes into the future.


Sorry I'm just so frustrated and have no idea how he's managed to live this long without walking into a wall and killing himself.


Mama Pea said…
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea I wish it were only an Oops. Some days I cry with frustration at the stupid things he does and how much it costs us in both time and money to fix it or replace.
Erin said…
Sorry you are having to deal with all this stress, and while having a bad back! I can't figure out men's thought processes at all!

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