We don't really get cool spring weather here.  It pretty much goes from cold to unbearably hot.  It had been chilly until this weekend when the temp jumped to 33C.  If the sun comes out in our valley it heats up fast. 

It takes me awhile to get used to the hot temperatures.  Usually by the end of the summer I'm used to it but then it starts cooling off again.  Now it's shorts and t-shirt weather I have to stock up on razors and sunscreen.  Either that or I could just crawl under a rock and ignore the whole summer thing all together.  I'd rather not have to shave, find flattering (more likely unflattering) summer attire and pretend that I actually own a bathing suit (I don't).

My skin doesn't like sunscreens, I've tried them all.  I break out as soon as I get a bottle near my skin but you have to wear sunscreen or get a burn.  I try to stay in the shade but that's impossible when you have to drive somewhere.  And even though I'm dark haired and have fairly swarthy skin as I've aged it has become less tolerant to the sun so that I burn much easier than in the past.  No loss there as I have no intention of showing off any of my pasty flabby skin this summer.  I'll find some light skirts, flowing blouses and a couple of t-shirts coupled with my sandals is pretty much my attire for the summer.

I'm actually hoping to make a couple of things.  I'm just waiting for the income tax refund so I can go get a pattern, fabric and thread to make something awesome.  I'm hoping to make a light cotton robe since I can't find one anywhere in my size.  And if my mom will help me use her serger I may attempt to make a couple of t-shirts since all the t-shirts in my size are for old ladies or kids who like pictures on them.  I just want a sold color cotton t-shirts with sleeves that cover my upper arms a bit.  Of course I'll take some pictures and then forget to post them.  LOL!  No really, I'll try to post some pictures it's just I still haven't got around to figuring out what the husband messed up on the computer so I can download my pics from the camera.    I have pictures on my camera just can't transfer them yet.

The gardens are growing quickly and my back and knees are not up to the task of cleaning them out.  I'm hoping the kids and the husband will do that and I can help with planting.  We still need to buy some more soil for the raised beds and then in the next couple of weeks I'll plant them.  I think we are just going to plant carrots in the one raised bed and tomatoes and peppers in the other one.  I'm going to figure out a way to plant some lettuce too.  Maybe in some pots to keep the cats out of it.

So far it's been a beautiful warm part sunny weekend and I'm hoping the week brings more of the same, except for the extreme high temps. 


Erin said…
Long summer skirts = no razors LOL! I'm glad you will be getting to plant soon :) Now you are hot and here it's cold!
Mama Pea said…
I thought we always went directly from winter weather to summer over night but it sounds like your change is even more dramatic than ours!

Do find somewhere to plant that lettuce. Big salads in the summer time make great meals and are inexpensive if you grow your own!

Sure wish you could post some pictures . . . would love to see them.

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